9MAR21 / 0645Z - Nugget's Rebuilding Flight @ KLAX-OMDB


Welcome to Nugget’s Rebuilding Flight!
This will be my first addition to my new replay list!

We’ll be flying from KLAX- OMDB onboard Emirates!

Additional Info

Airline and Aircraft: Any long range Emirates plane

Time: 0645Z or 2021-03-10T06:45:00Z

Server: Expert

Airport and Gates: KLAX, and TBIT or Remote gate

No need to sign up, feel free to just show up! Pls spawn in at least 15 mins before departure.

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Upon spawning in, pls copy my flight plan. I will post the climb profile and cruise speed before pushback.

Feel free to depart from any runway, but note that my fpl is planned for departure out of 25R

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