9M-MRD, an Infinite Flight 777-200ER, is MH17

If you look at the registration for the IF Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER, you will find that the registration is “9M-MRD”. According to the wikipedia article on MH17, the registration is “9M-MRD”, matching that on the Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER in IF. Just wanted to point that out. What do you think?


Strange. Thats reallu strang

Was the MH17 crash after IF put the plane in?

Just a coincidence IMO nothing strange

Well, when was the 777 update?

This got really creepy

It says this so that means it’s not the same registration as Malaysia Flight 17


It’s not creepy-It’s likely a coincidence or they happened to choose the odd thing. No conspiracy theories-Too far flung for a freaking flight sim

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There is nothing strange or creepy. @El_Alex @Boeing707 @Benny87654321

The MAS B772 in the app is registered as 9M-MRG, which is still flying in regular service.

The Malaysian Airlines livery was added in version 15.04.0, on April the 29th 2015.


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What a remarkable coincidence :o

They misread it the regs are different rhere is no coincidence

It’s 9M MRG, not 9M MRD. 😆 Almost Similar but not same.

I see… Thanks!

If you look at the factory paint scheme for the airbus A330 it has the same tail number as Air France flight 447 that crashed on June 1 2009

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It’s got to be a weird coincidence

news about MH17 😓😓😓
AMSTERDAM - The Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines has been fired according to the British research group Eliot Higgins over eastern Ukraine by an air defense missile of the type Buk, which belonged to the Russian armed forces.



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Answered. Closing before it goes off-topic.