9JUL21-11JUL21 | The IFVARB Summit- 6th Edition!

I signed up two times, a while back unintentionally, and would like who ever is in charge of getting people filed in that the more recent one is the one I’d like to use

Thanks, i have removed the incorrect sign up

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@mwe2187 a bit lost as to how the “fly in/fly out” works, does it refer to day 3 only? I chose DTTA-LEMD to fly into LEMD, regarding the fly out of LEMD, is it entirely my choice? second WHEN or HOW do i find out what gate I’ll be assigned for July 11 at LEMD, and third, what does this screenshot mean for my day 1? I have to start my Day 1 flight at 10am my time? Sorry but I read all the posts and none of this was clear to me… thanks

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 20.10.04

Hi @ariete

The day 1 and day 2 events are just separate events to fly around together from different airports and are “24 hour” events, meaning you can just fly the routes as you’d like. As for your screen shot, that is just the time the day begins for Day 1.

For Day 3, gate assignments will be posted at the latest, this Thursday. We finalized procedures this evening and are now putting things together.


appreciate your quick response, looking forward to the event(s)

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We at Alitalia Virtual are very excited to participate in the 2021 IFVARB Summit!

Due to the busy summer season we may have a small group, but we look forward to representing our colors in Madrid!

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