9JUL21-11JUL21 | The IFVARB Summit- 6th Edition!

Looks like fun. I have a few questions on the sign up procedure. Should I post them here or somewhere else?

Hi @David_Mullen - you can post them here as others may have the same questions as you

Awesome stuff

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Awesome! Definitely gonna be there!

Surely be attending all this

All signed up for me. Looking forward to it!

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@mwe2187 Are we not allowed to fly for Day 3 all the VA’s I am in ??
And I made a mess of the submit for it. I pressed it once but shows my name twice. My phone is a bit dodgy mate.

@IF_Josh - as it is a single sign up event, it would be representing just one VA at a time. However, if you wish to fly in for one VA, and fly out for another, that would be fine. But there is only one slot in and one slot out available.


Alright man. Thanks.

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Looking forward to it! Nice work, everyone who helped put this together!


Definitely a lot of great help from a lot of great individuals on the event team :)


Just 7 days until we start squaring away gate assignments and CEO’s verify their sign ups!

We are in progress of preparing our Day 1 and Day 2 event threads, info coming over the next few days!


Saturday update

Beginning July 1, we will be compiling the sign up list to send to the CEO’s and their staff to confirm all individuals. As we get confirmations, gates will begin to be assigned (at random based on our ability to fill as many aircraft requests as possible).

Day 1 Thread: 9JUL21 | IFVARB Summit Day 1: Alcock & Brown Voyage // An Atlantic Crossing

The Day 2 thread will be posted in the next 72 hours. We have finalized the flight planning for the Summit with a big help from @Tajay and @Aceorbit! They are a beast and this summit is going to be GREAT with their help and all that they put into the planning to make it as smooth as possible.

We are still accepting sign ups and are looking forward to taking the skies with everyone!


For July 9 event do you need to use the plane that you have signed up with on IFVARB.com

Nope! For the events on July 9th & 10th, pilots are free to use their various VA/VO liveries, or approved codeshare aircraft. This is pilot, and VA/VO choice!


Any sign up for gates ?

For the Day 1 and Day 2 events, you do not need to sign up for a gate. If you are signing up for the main part of the summit, yes, there is a sign up for that available in the top post


i’m so excited for this

I accidentally signed up for three different vas on day 3 , forgot that form was only for day 3 sign ups…could the duplicate sign ups be removed ?

Can you send me a PM of which you’d like to remain