9JAN21 / 1800Z - The Irish Flyout! @ EIDW

Dublin Airport is an international airport serving Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. The airport is located 7 km (4.3 mi) north of Dublin, in Collinstown, and 3 km south of the town of Swords. In 2019, 32.9 million passengers passed through the airport, making it the airport’s busiest year on record. It is the 12th busiest airport in Europe, and is by far the busiest of Ireland’s airports by total passenger traffic; it also has the greatest traffic levels on the island of Ireland, followed by Belfast International Airport. The airport has an extensive short and medium-haul network, served by an array of carriers, as well as a significant long-haul network focused on North America, the Middle East, and East Asia. It serves as the headquarters of Ireland’s flag carrier – Aer Lingus, regional airline Stobart Air, Europe’s largest low-cost carrier – Ryanair, and ASL Airlines Ireland, together with another two airlines, CityJet and Norwegian Air International.

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Dublin Airport EIDW/DUB

1800Z 2021-01-09T18:00:00Z

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Terminal 1
Airline         Aircraft        Route        Gate     Pilot
KLM             737-900     Amsterdam EHAM   118R     @Evan_Kearns
Qatar           787-8           Doha  OTHH   119C     @Liam_Gardener
Ryanair         737-800      Tenerife GCTS   111C     @CJ209
Ryanair         737-800        Lisbon LPPT   110C     @CaptainKyler
Turkish         A321         Istanbul LTFM   109C     @nolan_brant12
Aegean          A320           Athens LGAV   108C     @Aegean_Hawk
Ethiopian       787-8         Chicago KORD   107      @Nee
Ryanair         737-800        Krakow EPKK   107T     @SimBoygamer002
Ethiopian       777-200LR      Chicago KORD  120C     @ariete
Ryanair         737-800         Faro  LPFR   121      @Sieberovia
Ryanair         737-800     Barcelona LEBL   122      @olitr20
Lufthansa       CRJ-900     Frankfurt EDDF   123       TAKEN
Swiss           A321          Zurich  LSZH   124      @elitespeed00
Ryanair         737-800        Berlin EDDB   125      @Johndavis10
Ryanair         737-800       London  EGSS   126      @redacted
Ryanair         737-800      Rzeszow  EPRZ   127      @AviatorNikola
Ethiopian       787-8     Addis Ababa HAAB   203C     @hass.ik
TAP             A320         Lisbon   LPPT   200C     @TECHNICAL_GAMER
Luxair          Dash 8-Q400 Luxemburg ELLX   201      @Jeremy92
LOT             ERJ 170        Warsaw EPWA   202      @Pilot_Felix
Air Canada      787-9         Toronto CYYZ   205T     @United.sandwitch
Air France      A318           Paris  LFPG   206T     @PATOU95
Finnair         A321        Helsinki  EFHK   207T     @MichealMetaxes
Etihad          777-300ER   Abu Dhabi OMAA   311C     @James_0
Iceland Air     757-200      Keflavik BIKF   311L     @DeltaFox
Iberia          A320           Madrid LEMD   312      @XxNightFlyerxX
SAS             A320        Stockholm ESSA   313C     @resdx
Philippine      777-300ER Manila Ninoy RPLL  314      @Plane_Aviator
Virgin Atlantic 787-9      Los Angles KLAX   315C     @Paulesl
Norwegian       737-800          Oslo ENGM   317      @Aviation2929
Tui Fly         757-200    Amsetersam EHAM   318L     @Quinn
AirBaltic       757-200          Riga EVRA   318C     @Deathsix
Transavia       737-800         Paris LFPO   133L     @InfinitePilot1
Ryanair         737-800    Copenhagen EKCH   132L     @Keegan_Butler
vueling         A320        Barcelona LEBL   132R     @Agean_Bird
British Airways 757-200        London EGLL   130      @Grasshopper1
Swiss           A321          Geneva  LSGG   131S     @L_W1187
WestJet         737-700       Hailfax CYHZ   142L     @Oskapew
Birtish Airways A320           London EGLL   142R     @Shane_Crouch18
Privite         A318      London CIty EGLC   141L     @AviaVannie
Terminal 2
Airline     Aircraft         Route       Gate       Pilot
Aer Lingus 757-200        London EGLL    400C       @Johnt30
Delta      757-200 John F Kennedy KJFK   401C       @Antoniobig25
United     757-200       Chicago KORD    402C       @IF_KGRR
Aer Lingus 757-200       Chicago KORD    403C       @Devin_Stock
Aer Lingus 757-200        Boston KBOS    404C       @aidan
Aer Lingus 757-200    Birmingham EGBB    405T       @airbus7447skyhawk
Emirates   777-300ER       Dubai OMDB    406C       @Triskall777
American  777-200ER Philidelphia KPHL    407C       @JetBlue_48_DJT
Aer Lingus 757-200     Amsterdam EHAM    417          @Mastrcake
Aer Lingus A320             Cork EICK    409L       @Tre_Dior
Aer Lingus A320          London  EGLL    409R       @Captain_Piotr
Aer Lingus 757-200   Minneapolis KMSP    416        @Jacob_Layton
American   787-9         Chicago KORD    411C       @if.dublin
Aer Lingus 757-200        Newark KEWR    412        @Infinite_Josh
Aer Lingus 757-200 John F Kennedy KJFK   413        @Evo_G-vlogs_200
Delta      757-200 John F Kennedy KJFK   414        @Cooper_Marcukaitis
Aer Lingus 757-200 Windsor Locks KBDL    415        @altixs
American   787-9          Dallas KDFW    411T       @Huzefa_Bohri
Aer Lingus A330          Chicago KORD    408C       **TAKEN**
Aer Lingus A321          Donegal EIDL    418        @Cdt_Aupetit
Airline        Aircraft      Route         Gate                 Pilot
Air Bridge      747-8  Louisville KSDF West Remote Stand 611C   @Jesse0409
Air France      777-F     Chicago KORD West Remote Stand 612C   @IFleinster
Turkish         A330F John F Kennady KJFK West Remote Stand 613C @IFS
Turkish         777-F    Istanbul LTFM  West Remote Gate 614C   @YigitK
DHL             777-F     Shannon EINN  West Remote Gate 615C   @Scotty99  
Ethiopian       777-F Addis Ababa HAAB  West Remote Gate 616C   @tjb0709
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hey all, I added the new 757s to my event!

Hi pls can I have gate 405C with the 757 to Birmingham?

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@airbus7447skyhawk you have been added, thanks for joining!

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hey df may i have 757-200 gate 400c down to london

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yep, I just put you in. as always thanks for joining Johnt.

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May I take 408C to EHAM in the 752? Thank you!

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@Legomaniac you have been added, and your welcome.

I’ll take the norwegian to Oslo please

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@Aviation2929 Just got you signed up, thanks for joining!

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Would there be any chance for a flight not on the list?

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@Deathsix Depends…which one do you want?

This one to BOS pls

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@SWA1997 you have been added, thanks for joining!

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Thank you and Happy Holidays

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It is after the new year! Just when everyone is taking a break from alcohol, heh


you sure you ain’t drinking any? haha

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And I’ll take a break too, hahaha

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Could I get a flight to Riga, 757-200 Air Baltic? It not listed but it’s one of the flights I love doing. If so thank you!!

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@Deathsix I just added you, I would have put it in since its a scheduled flight, but didn’t since it was used by the A220, hope you enjoy it! your gate btw is 318C