9DEC23 / The C-Town Flyout!

It’s been a while, but I have returned with another event! This event is set in the fly-out format and will take place at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE/KCLE) on the Expert Server. This event will be taking sponsors, so please DM me if you’d like to sponsor :). I hope everyone who attends gets to enjoy the newly modeled Cleveland!

This event is sponsored by…

No sponsorships of the time being

About Cleveland

Cleveland is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio located along the southern shore of Lake Erie. It is situated across the U.S. maritime border with Canada and lies approximately 60 miles (97 km) west of Pennsylvania.

About Cleveland

Cleveland - Wikipedia

About Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport - Wikipedia

Gate Assignments

Please inform me if you would like to change the flight destination of your chosen slot.

Terminal A
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot
A1 Orlando A320 Frontier FFT1045 -
A2 Myrtle Beach A320 Spirit NKS1172 -
A3 Dallas A320 Frontier FFT1776
A4 Boston E175 Delta-Republic RPA5590 -
A5 New York-JFK E175 Delta-SkyWest SKW3825 -
A6 Atlanta A320 Spirit NKS1080 -
A7 Phoenix A321 Frontier FFT2415 -
A8 Raleigh-Durham A320 Frontier FFT1606 -
A9 Denver A321 Frontier FFT525 -
A10 Las Vegas A320 Frontier FFT2015 -
A11 Fort Myers A320 Frontier FFT2423 -
A12 Fort Lauderdale A320 Spirit NKS3351 -
A13 Tampa A320 Spirit NKS3351 -
A14 Los Angeles A321 Spirit NKS185 -
Terminal B
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot
B1 Baltimore B738 Southwest SWA332 -
B2 New York-LGA CRJ9 Delta-Endeavour EDV5382 -
B3 Boston E175 Delta-Republic RPA5632 -
B4 Nashville B738 Southwest SWA3507 -
B5 Minneapolis B717 Delta DAL2915 -
B6 Detroit CRJ9 Delta-Endeavour EDV5169 -
B7 St. Louis B737 Southwest SWA1908 -
B8 Atlanta A320 Delta DAL1366 -
B9 Chicago-Midway B737 Southwest SWA500 -
B10 Denver B738 Southwest SWA3134 -
B11 Boston E175 Delta-Republic RPA5591 -
Terminal C
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot
C1 Chicago-O’hare B737 United UAL2112 -
C2 Philadelphia A319 American AAL836 -
C3 Dallas B738 American AAL2331 -
C4 Toronto CRJ9 Air Canada-Jazz JZA8732 -
C5 Boston E190 jetBlue JBU2040 -
C6 Washington-Dulles B737 United UAL273 -
C7 Dallas B738 United UAL2552
C8 Washington-National CRJ7 American-PSA JIA5413 @BenjiTheBull
C9 Denver B739 United UAL286 -
C10 Charlotte B738 American AAL1264 -
C11 Toronto CRJ9 AIr Canada-Jazz JZA8732 -
C12 Los Angeles B738 United UAL1844 -
C13 New York-EWR B737 United UAL342 -
C14 Chicago-O’hare CRJ2 American-Air Wisconsin AWI6190 -
C15 Dublin A321 Aer Lingus EIN86 -
C16 San Francisco B739 United UAL1615 -
C17 New York-LGA E175 American-Republic RPA4590 -
C18 Seattle B739 Alaska ASA330 @Ryan_15
C19 Dallas B738 American AAL2336 -
C20 Charlotte B738 American AAL1535 -
C21 Houston-IAH B738 United UAL1645 -
C22 New York-JFK E175 American-Republic RPA4288 -
C23 Orlando B738 United UAL2636 -
C24 Miami E175 American-Envoy ENY3344 -
C25 Phoenix A320 American AAL320 -
C26 Fort Lauderdale B738 United UAL1419 -
C27 Boston E190 jetBlue JBU540 -
C28 Houston-IAH B738 United UAL710 -
C29 Chicago-O’hare B738 American AAL2925 -
Fedex Aprons*
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot
01 Columbus-Rickenbacker MD11 Fedex FDX437 @United403
02 Memphis B763 (Generic) Fedex FDX427 -
03 Indianapolis MD11 Fedex FDX1631 -
04A Erie/Tom Ridge Field C208 Fedex Feeder-Mountain Air Cargo MTN8459 -
04B User Choice C208 Fedex Feeder User Choice -
05A User Choice C208 Fedex Feeder User Choice -
05B User Choice C208 Fedex Feeder User Choice -
05C User Choice C208 Fedex Feeder User Choice -
UPS Aprons
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot
01 Chicago-Rockford MD11 UPS UPS9212 -
02 Louisville MD11 UPS UPS1441

*Aprons 4A-5C are for for Cessna Caravans only.

ATC Assignments

Frequency Controller
Cleveland Ground @Butter575
Cleveland Tower @Butter575
Cleveland Approach -
Cleveland Center -

  • I am not accountable for any violations that you may receive during this event.
  • Aim to be respectful towards ATC and fellow pilots as well.
  • As this is the expert server, please fly with professionalism and do not attempt to troll.
  • Depending on the weather on the day of the event, you may or may not be able to roleplay the de-icing of the aircraft.
  • Last of all, have fun and enjoy the wonderful city of Cleveland.

See you there!

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