9DEC23: Retro Minneapolis Flyout

Before Delta, it was Northwest Airlines! Founded in 1926, NWA was one of the biggest airlines in the U.S until 2010 with hubs spanning 3 continents, and a fleet of almost 450 aircraft from the A319 and A330 to the 747 and MD82! Minneapolis has also been the home to Sun Country airlines, founded in 1982, has since become one of the biggest ULCC’s in the country! Before the 737’s, they operated an obsolete and unique fleet of 727’s and DC10’s! Join me and my fellow IFC’er @Mort to show off the this city’s amazing history in a 1990s themed event!

Event Info
Airport: Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport KMSP
Time: 2100z, 3pm mst
Date: December 9th, 2023
Server: Expert Server


Big thanks to @Mort who helped me with the gates

A Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
A1 Northwest Rochester CRJ2
A2 Northwest Sioux City B717
A3 Northwest Duluth CRJ2
A6 Northwest International Falls CRJ9
A7 Northwest Lincoln B717
A8 Northwest Milwaukee CRJ9
A9 Northwest Fargo CRJ2 @Harrison_S
A11 Northwest Grand Forks CRJ2
A12 Northwest Madison CRJ2
A13 Northwest Des Moines B717
A14 Northwest Traverse City CRJ2
B Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
B2 Northwest Thunder Bay CRJ2
B4 Northwest Springfield CRJ9
B6 Northwest Jamestown CRJ2
B8 Northwest Wichita B717
B10 Northwest Pierre CRJ2
B12 Northwest Montreal B717
B14 Northwest Flint CRJ2
B15A Northwest Dayton CRJ9
B15B Northwest Charlottesville CRJ2
B15C Northwest Kitchener B717
B16 Northwest Louisville B717
C Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
C1 Northwest Honolulu B742 @Flyin.Hawaiian
C2 Northwest Honolulu B742 @United403
C3 Northwest San Francisco B757
C4 Northwest Las Vegas DC10 @PhorzaSky
C5 Northwest Orlando DC10
C6 Northwest Miami DC10
C7 Northwest Los Angeles DC10
C8 Northwest Detroit B757
C9 Northwest Phoenix DC10
C10 Northwest Dallas B757
C11 Northwest Houston A320
C12 Northwest Atlanta B757
C13 Northwest New York B717 @Ty_Davis
C14 Northwest Boston B757
C15 Northwest Chicago B717
C16 Northwest Indianapolis A319
C17 Northwest Memphis B757
D Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
D1 Northwest Jackson Hole A319
D2 Reserved for @TXVA
D3 Reserved for @TXVA
D4 Reserved for @TXVA
D5 Reserved for @TXVA
D6 Reserved for @TXVA
E Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
E1 Northwest Spokane A320
E2 Northwest Denver B757
E3 Northwest Washington Dulles A319
E4 Northwest Tampa B757
E5 Northwest New Orleans A320
E6A Northwest Tucson B757
E8 Northwest Boise A320
E9 Northwest Kalispell A319
E10 Northwest Reno B757
E11 Northwest Little Rock A319
E12 Northwest Knoxville B717
E14 Northwest San Antonio A319
E15 Northwest Jackson MS B717
E16 Northwest Buffalo B717
F Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
F1 Air France Paris DC10
F2 China Airlines Taipei MD-11
F3 BOAC London Heathrow DC10
F4 Icelandair Reykjavik BIRK B757
F5 KLM Amsterdam MD-11
F6 Northwest Tokyo Narita B742
F7 Northwest Shanghai DC10
F8 Northwest Osaka B742
F9 Northwest Nagoya DC10
F10A Northwest Paris B742 @Prestoni
F11 Northwest London B742
F12 Northwest Amsterdam B742
F13 Northwest Brussels DC10
F14 Northwest San Juan DC10
F15 Northwest Cancun DC10
F16 Northwest Cabo San Lucas DC10
G Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
G1 American Dallas MD-11
G2 Alaska Seattle B738
G3 American New York B757
G4 TWA Kansas City B757 @BenjiTheBull
G5 Virgin America San Francisco A320 @Ryan_15
G6A National New York DC10
G8 Pan Am Washington Dulles B717
G9 United Denver B757
G10 US Airways Phoenix B757
G11 United Chicago A320 @Butter575
G12 US Airways Charlotte A320
G13 Delta Los Ángeles MD-11 @Wonderousbuilder641
G14 Delta Atlanta MD-11 @Topgottem
G15 Continental Newark DC10
G17 Continental Houston DC10
G18 Eastern Miami DC10
G19 Republic Memphis B757
G20 Republic Seattle B757
G21 American West Phoenix B757
G22 America West Las Vegas B757
H Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
H1 Sun Country Orlando DC10
H2 Sun Country St. Thomas DC10
H3 Sun Country Boston DC10 @anon87523340
H4 Sun Country Cancun DC10 @Mort
H5 Sun Country Sarasota DC10 @Avaitor1
H6 Sun Country Mazatlan DC10
H7 Sun Country Dallas DC10
H8 Sun Country San Diego DC10
H9 Frontier Denver B737
H10 Vanguard Chicago Midway B717
H11 Sun Country Montego Bay DC10
H12 AirTran Atlanta B737
H13 Sun Country St. Marteen DC10
H14 Texas International Houston Hobby B717
H15 Ozark St. Louis B717
H16 Braniff Dallas Love Field B717


Air Traffic Control

Frequency User
ATIS @Jay003
Ground @Jay003
Tower @Jay003


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun


You know what to do 🗣️

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@BenjiTheBull Coming right up

I assume the TWA pencil to MCI

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this please

@Ryan_15 Alrighty

Ya know the drill:> @United403

@Topgottem coming right up

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Were at the point were I could say nothing and you would just know 😂

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The only thing stopping me from joining is 1. No Northwest 757 or 747-400 livery and 2. Minneapolis isn’t 3D yet

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I’ll take this :)

@PhorzaSky amazing choice 🤑

sadly no 744

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@Flyin.Hawaiian mhmm
Your signed up!


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Oh. My. God. That was a hard decision to make. Can I grab this one?

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RDU, no words

@DJW but what if there was 👀

@Mort Roger that

These for me :)

@Jay003 thanks for helping

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Nice not-broken Metrodome