9AUG21 / 2035Z - SoCal Flight @KSRQ to KDFW [COMPLETED]

Oh thank you you are making it really realness

Any body else

Because I am ready

Just going to put it out there, 348 is far too fast for any commercial jet, if we’re talking IAS. You’ll get speed violations eventually as well.

Yeah I was about to mention that.

The best speed or max speed would be probably 310 max

Maybe 0.79 Mach?

Mach 0.77-0.80 is recommended for narrowbody jets. That would be equivalent to 290-300 IAS most of the time.

Are we going to PB?

Yea I am read y re copy my FPL

348 because we are 24,000 feet

Patrick, you do not need to request frequency change in that instance from ground to tower. When ground says, “taxi to runway 32, contact tower when ready” you may change the frequency when you start to approach the hold short line. Just for future reference!

Little question, will you be controlling center or just tower and ground?

I can if you’d like. I actually haven’t really ever done it.

Your call.

Yea why not lol

ETA 1:56 until arrival

Okay, also lets cruise at 330 or else my aircraft will overspeed.

I have to head out. Have a good flight guys

See you, it was great to have you here.

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