9AUG21 / 2035Z - SoCal Flight @KSRQ to KDFW [COMPLETED]

Today I am doing a flight from sarasota FL to Dallas TX

American Airlines CRJ-900 or Airbus 321


Training server

Copy my FPL my callsing is Experimental 630 There will be VNAV Airport code is KSRQ

T- 20 minutes until we get started

How long is the flight

If we don’t have delays about 2:45-3:15 minutes

T-5 minutes I will wait 10 minutes after scheduled flight please spawn in is coming

Departing in 10 minutes

Im coming!

Ok see you there

Which server is it?

Training server

Ok got it, see you there.

5 Minutes till departure

Thank you ATC

You got it

Whats the cruising altitude and speed?

Cruising alt FL240 speed 348

Okay, got it.

What do you mean and what are you talking about?

He’s the controller currently active.

im the atc right now