9APR22 / 1900Z to 2030Z The huge Takeoff and Landing competition ! event: @KDCA [COMPLETED]

Takeoff and Landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport !

Welcome to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport !


Hello pilots, it is my first time that I will be organizing an event where there will be a takeoff and landing competition ! This airport is known for its last right turn 30 seconds before touchdown on runway 19 We hope to have huge traffic in Washington and make this event successful ! Here are all the info that you want to know about this amazing competition:

  • STARTING TIME: 1900Z but please note that you have to spawn in 20 minutes before the event starts


  • Takeoff and Landing runway: Only runway 19 even if there is tailwind to make the challenge harder !

  • I will be spawned in for spotting in order to see who did the best landing and the best rotation. The 2 winners will be chosen 2 to 3 days after the event is completed.



  • Please mark ✔️ if you are DEFINITELY GOING
  • Follow all ATC instructions
  • Use UNICOM frequecy CORRECTLY
  • DO NOT TROLL or you will be reported by IFATC or by me to the @STAFF or the @MODERATORS and hence you will be banned from my future events
  • Spawn in 15 to 20 minutes before the event starts
  • And lastly, have fun !!!

Is it pattern work? Like takeoff 19 do pattern work to land at 19?

Hi @Bassfishing, pattern work will not be permitted its going to be a flyout and a fly in

ah ok so it’s for example KJFK - KDCA and landing on 19?

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Yes you all got it mate!!

thank you!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend but I will try.

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No problem!

Lets bump this topic up !

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You should wait until the eJet rework because there are several good routes with the planes from KDCA and there are more events that people are going on on these days.

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When do you think the ejets are going to be released because there are still not finished with outside of the aircrafts.

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Hopefully by April if not by late may in my opinion.

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I’ll wait and see if there are some participants and if it’s not the case I’ll shift the event to April

Oh no, unfortunately I won’t be able to participate at this time 😬😳 Sorry

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Didn’t know anything about this approach but got some training right now 😀 wish I could send you the vid to know the note I would get 😆 @Mrbeast6000

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Hello @GregSwissCaptain, thank you for your interest, no problem ! I’ll may shift the event for another date! Stay tuned!


If I pass my ATC tests, I’ll do this possibly.

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We need more participants!!

I’m joining, haven’t done one of these in a while!

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Can I do a 757 for delta

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Yes of course! There are no sign up for this event, as long as you put yourself that you are going to attend to the event you are all good!