9APR21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Daytime Deliveries @ Cargo Airports

I’m now changing the route from WIII-ZPPP to WIII-LTBA! Right now I was flying KALT-WIII

the 747s dont have appr correct?

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Yes, correct

But the 777F does, and also carrys a ton more cargo which is why I suspect most people will be flying the 777F today.

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It’s ASL Airlines Belgium now


Nice! One question: can I be punished if I fly a route that is not established? Like HAAB - OPIS, for example.

You can fly any route you’d like, these are just featured routes that fit into the theme of this weeks FNF.

Great event! I’m seeing some expert manoeuvring at the ELLX cargo gates without the presence of a ground controller… a lot of pilots being polite and allowing landing aircraft to park while they wait to taxi out… very cool to see everyone working together! :)

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Finally my home country gets mentioned 👀👀

What does tnt stand 4??

Lets Go! Whis everyone a good evening!
Have fun ;)
@MishaCamp I saw you today on your flight to Dubai int.


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Wait Is Infinite Flight streaming on their YouTube too for the FNF?

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Yes, the stream will be later today!

Edit: The stream is at 1900Z!

Did the stream got deleted?

The YouTube stream will most likely not come back online.

Tune into InfiniteFlight’s Twitch Stream


Thank u 🙏 @BennyBoy

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It got chaotic

Yup it was awesome