9APR / 1700z River Visual challenges @KDCA

Welcome to this event! This airport is a fun one because of the approach. Washington Regan Intl airport’s approach is one of the most challenging in the US due to restricted airspace around the US capital city. You can use everything from a CRJ to a B752. The runways are short and it’s a challenge. Join!!!

To potentially have this streamed there will be no gate assignments. There is also limited parking here, so I would recommend spawning 30-20 mins before departure. Happy flying!!!

Server- expert

Airport- KDCA

Time- 1700z (12:00 pm est)


Someone made this exact event at the same time on the same day with the same theme unfourtenly

I was inspired by your achievement and I want to follow lol 😂

Ok so it’s NOT tomorrow it’s in 2 weeks lol even if it isn’t streamed I still wanna have fun

I know but @NavigateNinja is holding the event on April 9th as well mabey you could collab with him

Ooo maybe I could good point thx

I just asked

This is it

Oh ok ima look

@Southwest_2115 Here is a link to the IFR Approach Chart for KDCA - RIVER VISUAL RWY 19 if you wanted to add it to your opening post. (Credit to ForeFlight)

Ok thx ima look

Has anybody seen the movie Hudson heard that silly movie where Sally crashes that USAirways playing in the Hudson I watch that a couple hundred times and I can’t believe he did that that’s just that’s straight up sketchy

Water Landing. It was a dual engine loss at low altitude followed by an immediate water landing.
And event sounds fun with the new auto brakes

Yea I have seen it before it happened in my home city

I actually tried recreating it once but because of no live water the plane would not stop as fast and also it would look very ugly after the plane stopped

(Let’s not get out of topic though)

Ok peeps collab set with @NavigateNinja for 9APR @1700z

Let’s all have an event where we try to see who can make the best water landing

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Oooo maybe I could

Zulu? His starts at 1900Z

EDIT - Nevermind, it is

This is an event that I’m looking forward to