999 knot winds in HESN

That was fun lol. Expect a topic in #screenshots-and-videos soon lol

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I crashed a good number of times… well that’s it for me.


Hope y’all liked my callsign. @anon41771314 why did you almost copy me

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Just some live shots of the action

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Paypal me $5 USD and ill do it on training (jk, don’t actually)

Last pic your engine is at 347% LOL 🤣


Its at 117% N1, not 347%. That’d be impossible lol

That’s a 3 lol

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What was yours?

So many of you guys are going to be on my YouTube channel. It’s going to be hilarious 😂

To name a few,



Sksksksksksk. Or at least I think that was you with a VSCO callsign lol

Wind be like:

Imma bout to end this mans whole career


I was ooapenny

How to get Vios in 2 Seconds:

Spawn at HESN on Expert

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Oh never mind. It said IFC starz so I though it was you.

It appears as if the wind has disappeared unfortunately.

thats what i would do lol

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@HiFlyer was it a glitch or something?

Round and Around and Around and Around we go!

Most likely. It may have been caused by a faulty METAR.
However, the wind has updated, so no more fun 😢