97CA (El Tejon)

I feel like small airfields in IF get no attention. So this morning I flew a Cessna 172 from Van Nuys to 97CA. I gotta give it to this airport… the approach is even harder than KPSP. Especially because of restricted regions! I think airfields like this deserve some Cessnas on their runways. Especially this one!



You could share this somewhere else instead of making your own topic, otherwise it turns into a community free for all. Its nice to see GA flights and they are true tests for piloting skills.


Should I consider making this more of a IF only GA topic? (going to start flying lessons next week at Iowa City municipal 👍)

Very true Marshall but in this case I was leaving it up the community for a better suited home for this as there are many members in the community that love to fly GA.


So here are my recommendations if you can get approval:

  • Post Something in the Live Category
    Carson has a pretty fun spontaneous flight setup in the Live category that receives some good feedback and it is a fun atmosphere to join along in.

  • If you have enough success and see a decent turnout from the community maybe you could organize events or partner with an approved VA and post some GA events in the Live Events category.

  • Limit the discussions in your topic by utilizing the PM feature and other approved means of communication.

  • A well organized GA short hop programme might be a fun way for the community to get together on days outside of Turbulent Tuesday and Friday Night Flight. Best of luck!

Chris Levet


Will look in to a GA event.


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