(94 Attending, 15 Days Away, FULL!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


In ACVA, we have pilot ranks.


@CptMats, you have been added, thanks for coming!

@PedroG, that makes more sense now, thanks for the explanation.


Would love to fly to KATL with a A319 at gate 13, sign me up!


KDEN with a320 Gate D4 Thanks!


I think American Eagle operates a LGA-PVD route…


@Corgi, you are added, thanks for attending!

@Jack_Winston, you are also in! Thanks for coming!

@Pinecone, they do operate that route, would you like me to change a route and add you?


Everyone, I have just added a Poll. What do you think of my event?


Gate D10: American A321 to KDFW


@Travis_rice, you are in! Thank you for attending!


Can’t attend, sorry


Sorry you can’t attend, I’ll remove you now.


Yes please! Thanks so much, I think they used to use a Q300, but now I’ll take an E175.


Done! Enjoy the event dude.


I neglected to read the destination & terminal list at the beginning of your post, (that is the dumb blonde white girl in me). I will take Gate 41.


You got it, I’ll add you right away!


I will take this gate. Callsign Southwest 212. Connecting on to Denver.


You got it! Ill add you in immediately.


Bumping again


Gate AA04 Please!!


Terminal B Gate C5. Pls