(94 Attending, 15 Days Away, FULL!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


Thanks for letting me know!

I have signed you up for Terminal B, Gate D3. Thanks for attending!


Thanks 7 useless messages later I will be there ;)


Can I have Gate 06 to KJAX?


I have you signed up! Thanks for attending!


Could I have gate 26 to CVG


Can I have gate 10, Delta to KRSW and is the event 1:00pm New York time?


2:00 New York Time


@Ethan_Hansen, @AmarKoric11, you both are in! I am happy to say that we have reached 50 attendants in the first 2 weeks of creating! WOW!


Thanks you


You are welcome! Enjoy the event ;)


@Corgi and @Gavin_Finck - you two were using gates that do not actually exist. Please reply in the PM that i invited you to and request an existing gate. Sorry for any inconvenience that this caused. Thanks for the understanding!



If you and the airplane next to you happen to clip wings, don’t blame it on me. If you think about it, wing strikes at LaGuardia Airport is realism! Thanks for the understanding.


I’ll take air Canada E175 to CYUL


This event is going to be amazing


Thanks! Oh, and also you have been added! Thanks for attending :)


I’ll take Gate 15: Delta E170 to KCHA


I’ll take C23 to RDU.


You guys are in! Enjoy the event.


@Corgi @Gavin_Finck thank you for getting back so quickly! We are now at 54 attendants.


Wow that’s a lot of people
Should be a great event!