(91 Attending, 3 Gates Left, 18 Days Away!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


For now, I’d rather keep it as is. Everyone should have off for Christmas.


Bumping this topic 2.0!


This will be my first forum in Infinite Flight. I would like to join this event, I’ll accept any gate given. Can’t wait to fly at my home airport!
Possible flight Plans

If no gates are available at the beginning, I will also graciously accept a flight route such as MYR-LGA to land at gate when available.
Thank You So Much!


So you would like to fly from KLGA-KMYR? I can’t just choose a gate for you, you might not prefer my choice.


Yay another NY-er!


@Dylan_M may I take Terminal C Gate 36 to KMIA? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to flying out from my second home airport!


A fellow New Yorker here! This is also my 2nd home airport; JFK is my primary since I live closer to it. Can I have WN239 to KDAL from gate B7?


You are both added, thanks for attending!


Do whatever you’d like with your flight!


C3 please!
Are you able to change it to a E190 (gen)?

Callsign: ACVA137


Are you sure? AC only flies the A320 to CYYZ.


You are misunderstanding the format of this event. Each gate already has an assigned destination. I can gladly change up a route for you, but please make sure that it is used IRL. If you would like to arrive at KLGA, please land before the event starts.

Hope this clears up your confusion.


Yeah, I haven’t reached the rank for the A320 yet.


Roger that, changing it now!


Thank you!


What do you mean by this?


I’ll take gate B3 Southwest to KMCO.


You are in, thanks for coming!


Bumping this Event 3.0!


Terminal B Gate A2 please