(91 Attending, 3 Gates Left, 18 Days Away!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


I’ve signed you up for Gate 01!


LGA is usually kinda full when it is on the ATC schedule


Lol, when 10 out of the almost 100 gates available are occupied. Also would you like a gate?


Gate B1 Please!!! I’ll be flying the 737-700 to KDAL (Dallas Love) if that works for you!!


You are signed up! Thanks for coming!


Hey is there any way I can be the flight to SJC also? I will connect through KSJC


I kinda wanted @BigBert10 for that route, but I’ll arrange something for you!


Or can I go to KSAN? via KDAL of course


Which one would you like?


The KSAN route preferably


I have changed it for you.


I’ll take the gate please

@Jackson_Kaiman, you and I could both connect somewhere to San Jose 😃

You could connect from Dallas, I’ll connect from Chicago, we stay there for like 45 min, and then you and I would both end up in San Jose around the same time


You are signed up, thanks for coming!


I would love to sign up, can I connect to KSAN, but have a direct flight to KDEN? Southwest 569


I think I am going to KSAN but if I do a three leg and u wait at KORD and I do a quick stop we can do that


I do not know who is the person who controls the approach on KLGA. it’s a *****. I take off with 787 Lot to go to warsaw. while I’m go good take off the controllers of the tower directs me to the approach because there was no departure. so I respect my plan is going up to a steady vertical speed. the problem is that he asks me to climb by level. 4000/7000 / 9000. except that I continue my climb. And stupefied. I see he put a postponement. so please blocked it too. so for 1 week thanks to him I am rank 2. thank you very much


Southwest doesn’t fly to KORD.


Evening sir 👋🏿
I’d like to represent for United Virtual.
May I please request Gate: A4
Dest: KDEN
Callsign: UVA-138
Thank you 👍🏿


KMDW****** sorry


I’ll take gate 9 at Terminal D for the Delta A321 to FLL!