90'S picture Im not sure the type of plane because its the tail

Link where i got this photo. https://www.flickr.com/photos/spunker3/4918415998:
KAVP-Rampside at the Wilkes Barre/Scranton International Airport in Pennsylvania

American Trans Air L-1011-1, N189AT(S/N 1081) (3X RB211-22B) was operating a charter for Jewelcor Travel to Disney World in Orlando, FL and the Britt Airways Swearingen Metro 3 was waiting for it’s next flight to Newark, NJ. The L10’s tail was higher than our terminal building and I think is the largest commercial airliner to ever land at AVP. 4918415998_35562b0dde_z Again im not sure hwat kind of Plne that is. Taken somewhere in the 90’S-80’S im not sure i wasent alive. If you need more detail from where the picture came form just ask. By [Gene Delaney.} I wanna say DC10. but idk.

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This should not be in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category if you didn’t take the picture.

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It says in your post. It’s an L1101-1.

I wasnt reading sorry its hard to see i just woke up.