90 degrees Fighter Jet Vertical Speed

how much fpm vertical speed in autopilot for fighter jet to reach until 90 degrees climbing? or we have to tilt manually?

I should say it’s positive infinity because it is a vertical slopeCalculus anyone?. Best way is to tilt manually


I think the autopilot would disengage beyond a certain point, definitly before vertical. It all depends on the speed :)

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Yes, you have to tilt your device. Vs is not the same thing as angle.

But beware the evil force called gravity.


There are many different variables that can go into this. I believe that the VS setting can’t even go high enough. Not possible, tilt manually


Well from personal experience, once you hit Mach 0.53 at sea level, go vertical, you will still accelerate in the F-22, only for a bit, then gravity starts to takeover

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what about full throttle :)

in what speed/altitude will the gravity took over? like as I said, if I go full throttle and then climb in vertical?

thanks for the video example :)

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Step one - fly flat and very fast
Step two - pull up. As you climb you will lose speed. Start over and repeat
Step three - don’t make this harder than it needs to be.


I will try this definitely, thanks for the advise and also from everyone…

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If a plane were an asymptotic line, then yes, the slope would be infinity. But since a plane is a physical thing and not a graphical representation, it has to actually have a defined fpm (i.e. infinity is not physically possible).

Just mathematically speaking. I have no idea how or why you would set the AP to go 90 degrees. That would be a manual thing, and certainly as you lose speed, your V/S is going to drop, even if you manage to maintain a close approximation of 90 degrees. (I think exactly 90 is probably an idealized number for what actually happens, which is probably a little short of exactly 90.)

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