90 Days Since the Launch of Global

I love pattern work with those basic Aircraft! Wish I had the time to get stats like you :( it looks great man.

Umm… I fly too much, to say the least. And this was only since the release of global! I gotta fly more in Africa and South America!

I’ve flown:

  • 5 continents
  • 250,000+ miles
  • An average of 2,378 miles per flight
  • 100+ different airports
  • 115+ flights!

^ with no label. Thanks for the idea @Kiz.


For me global was the reason for the subscription.


How’d you make that map? And wow, this made me realize I barely fly compared to other forum members 😂

With this:
It’s great, it tells you distances, and also has ETOPs and range maps. You just have to put ICAO-ICAO for every route.

It’s already 90 days that global is out? WHAT!!! It go so fast! It’s so fun to play in Global! Now i just have to wait the CRJ update to do short flight…

Just hit 1,000 hours, omw to 100,000XP

This is mine. Only one landing left to be grade 5!!!

I’m also really happy that I only have two violations.

Before the global update I didn’t have live and I occasionally made trips here and there. Although my hours and landings might not be as high as folks here but I’ve been having fun.

Since global came out I have been doing one to two 1-3hr flights almost every day. I mostly takeoff where I last landed and head to an airport that I haven’t been before, unless there is an event that I want to attend. This was a nice opportunity to explore different regions and enjoy the scenery :D

FDS have definitely done a superb job with the updates since global!

Global has been amazing so far! Has open up lots of hours of exploring the globe. It has allowed me to explore the world (places I’ve never seen before) whilst increasing my hours. I also recently passed 1 million XP which is an incredible achievement.

Where did you get that info did you make it yourself?

The routes I got from the logbook, and the stuff like how many flights, miles, and airports I got from the GCM website after putting in my routes to make the map.

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GCM= Great Circle Mapper for those who don’t know.


That’s all that matters, that you have fun not that you have massive XP, flight time, or landing count.

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Welcome to the Mill+ XP club! We are glad to have you.

1 million XP certainly is an amazing achievement…I think it should be recognized…



  • 877 hours
  • Over 400,000km covered, roughly over 4000km per flight.
  • Over 30+ airport’s visited
  • 110 landings
  • All 6 inhabitable continents flown to while enjoying the scenery😉

You’ve been busy…

Where in the world do you find time for this? XD

Set my flight, rush to school. When I return home I land.


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