90 day requirements

Hi, so recently I got back into IF and I just realized I have to do the 90 day requirements again. What is the purpose for this? I know it’s supposed to help weed out the unprofessional accounts, but still, it’s kind of annoying to grind out 13 hours, and 20 landings again. Just my opinion though.

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Hi Matt,

In real life, pilots need to stay current with flying. This is similar to the servers. This is a way to keep the servers professional, especially expert. This is also a way to keep our grade 4 and 5 pilots a bit more “special”. Grade 4 and 5 come with different colored tags, so having the most current pilots in those grades are a good incentive.


That makes sense, just a little annoying to do. I think some touch and goes at LAX will get it done quickly lol. Thanks.

I recommend KEDW in an XCub. That airport has many runways where gaining landings are a breeze


Ok thank you. I will try that. Just need some hours now.

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