90 Day Landings

I have noticed the 90 day landings are getting harder to maintaining. I am a grade 5 but do not have enough time to keep that. Once global was released me and about 20 other friends noticed it was much harder to keep up 200blandings in 90 days as you can do longer flights. I know that it is to keep people active but it actually is not encouraging anyone as once you get moved to a grade 3 from being a 5 it makes people not want to do 200 landings just to earn their grade back. I think for grade 5 it should be lowered to at least 150 landings and grade 4 be reduced to 90 or 75.

If it’s easier then it defeats the point. It’s something you need to work hard for so personally I don’t think it should be lowered


I did work hard to achieve 2thousand hours 900thousand xp and 2thousand landings. So no it is not easy and it would not defeat the purpose.

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Those are all permanent statistics. You cold leave for 5 years and still be grade 5 if those were all that matter. Maintaining a good landing found over 90 days keeps grade 5s on their feet.

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does grade even matters past grade 3?!

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It shows how experienced you are. Plus you get a niceer nametag 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Wouldn’t grade show how dedicated you are and not necessarily experience?

That’s not hard to achieve per say, these landing requirements are the challenge and rightfully so. Doing long hauls will easily build up your hours and xp. If it’s hard to maintain then stick with grade 4. I know every month I need to have a session of just touch and goes and have done for over 2 years now.

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how is experience calculated in this game to began with? doesn’t it take into account the number of violations? also does the game counts the number of times a pilot have been ghosted?!

Yes. Everything is recorded and effects your grade in some way or another. The grade table shows how everything works.

You could do touch and goes. You could do 5 touch and goes for 40 days is 200 landings.

I have done so many touch and goes and it gets old after a while. I am grade 4 now.

Grade 4 isn’t bad. Experience is more important than worrying about grade in my opinion. Grade shows dedication. There are grade 3s on expert as they may be able to do 5 flights per week.

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Yeah I guess it depends on the purpose of the ranking system:

If it is meant to indicate skill / experience then the current 90 day requirement is probably excessive, and grade 5 should be more a reflection of cumulative stats and violation:landing ratio - a pilot that has been grade 5 at least once shouldn’t become less skilled or experienced if they have fewer landings in a 90 day period in the future

If it is meant to indicate dedication / use then the current 90 day requirement is likely appropriate - past performance says little about current dedication and use levels

My interpretation of the grade system as constructed is that it is meant to be focused on skill / experience for Grades 1-3, and Grades 4-5 exists to reward dedication / use

In real life pilots are required to maintain currency in the preceding 90 days. The game mirrors that - gotta stay current to stay competent.

Level 5 should be hard to maintain. Otherwise the meaning is lost.

You’re basically asking that because now that a lot of flights are long hauls which require no input from the pilot for a majority of the flight the threshold be lowered.

All that does is devalue the top tier. Takeoff and landing is essentially 95 percent of the pilot’s input, which is what any ranking system should be based upon.

It makes perfect sense that hours of AP flight while you’re sleeping isn’t the only thing upon which your grade is based. No one likes doing touch and goes for days, I get it. But Grade 5 should be a small group. Otherwise it loses its value.

I used to be 5, but had to step away for a while and lost it, but that seems right to me. I shouldn’t just be able to drop back into grade 5 after a day or so. I should have to work to get it back.

Even should changes be made to 5, under no circumstances should the threshold for 3 be lowered. It’s already too low, in my opinion.

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