90 day landing requirements

When are if going to do something about the 90 day landing grade requirements. I know this has been flagged before but nothing seems to happen. I love IF, but I now only fly touch and go’s to get my landings up. Not really much fun.

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Which grade are you trying to reach? I find that flying about 2-3 flights a week, without having to do touch and gos, I easily maintain Grade 3.

It may be different for some other people, but I view grades 3-5 as equal. They all allow you to access the expert server, and that’s for all I care to be honest.

It’s not too hard to maintain 10 landings every 90 days. I find that focusing on grade too much doesn’t make the game much fun and makes things feel more like chore than anything.


The requirements for 90 days in hours flown, xp, landings in last 90 days are the best way to ensure that standards are maintained especially with regards to the ratio of violations to landings.


The reason nothing is happening is because we’re pretty pleased with the current system :)


Touch and goes can be really good fun, get yourself a small plane and a bit of wind and do some island hopping in the Carribean. St.Marten Island a good place to start, then you got that real tricky landing on the next island Gustaf iii airport or something. Island hopping touch and goes can never be boring

I accept it was a good rule of thumb before global came out. But now the tendency is to fly long distances with maybe only one or two landings. My problem is that I have a job and kids so my flying opportunities are limited. I just thought it is something that could be reviewed. Trying to maintain a high landing rate just comes back to bite you 90 days later. And you’re always trying to play catch-up.

I don’t see the need to get Grade 4 or 5…doesn’t make someone better at flying it’s just a higher status within the game.


IF is not only about flying long hauls, where you take off, do you climb and go to sleep.
It’s about short trips through beautiful mountain areas to some of the most speactacular, but hardly used airports. It’s about flying patterns in a small GA aircraft, in a storm. It’s about making smooth landings.

I think it’s good that IF doesn’t just ‘reward’ long haul flyers. Let’s keep it as it is please.


Couldn’t agree more. There is a sense of pride everytime I land really well, add a bit off crosswind and it is even better. I really enjoyed the FNF recently that was the TBM in the Alps. I was finding grass runways in the mountains and landing on them because landing is fun!

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The way I see it, if you’re dedicated to becoming either grade 4 or 5, you’ll put extra effort to make it. Grade 3 is the entry level to expert and it’s incredibly easy to achieve…
If you cannot be bothered to dedicate the extra effort that is required for grade 4/5, then I don’t believe you deserve it.

I understand that some people have limited time and availability, which is understandable. I myself struggle to maintain grade 4, but it’s the people that want it made easier because they can’t be bothered. Having Grade 4 or 5 isn’t really anything special except show of effort and dedication.


I feel the requirements are good. If you want to get G4 it’s not that hard. You have to just keep landings up.

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As long as the entry point to expert server is pegged at Grade 3, all is well. It took me a whole year to get from Grade 1 to Grade 4 because touch and go’s are simply not my thing.

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Honestly I hate touch and goes as much as you (TBM has made them a lot more exciting though, I will admit that 😜) but I made it to grade 4 pretty easily without having to go out of my way doing touch and goes. If you just aren’t landing enough then that’s what the requirements are making you do, it’s all part of experience and I don’t think the touch and goes should be needed until one you hit grade 4 because if you start doing it early it’s not giving you any skills really and it is likely why we have a lot of grade 4’s and 5’s with poor piloting skill should on the expert server.

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