90 Day Landing Requirement

I did a search on topics relating to this. Please excuse me if I missed a couple of them. They seem to have been closed.

IMHO, the landings last 90 days rule is kind of bogus. Given the release of global, which allows longer flights, restricts me, and other pilots like me, to doing unending touch and goes.

Even though I, and other pilots have the XP, and landings to go from grade 4 to 5, this landings requirement is bit…unrealistic.

Just my 2 pennies.

Happy Holidays to ALL.



The 90 day landing rule that you speak of is in place to ensure that you are constantly playing the game, and constantly landing.

As for touch and goes, I would recommend KPBI in a Cirrus SR-22. Good luck!


I get that. But I work and am raising a family. I can’t fly every day.


Yes as with many people here on the community. The requirements for Grade 4 are 100 landings in 90 days, so, if you do about 2 landings a day, you’ll be fine. This can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

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I absolutely understand where you’re coming from, as I’m in the same situation myself. If your goal is to get to Grade 4, then they want you to be flying. My suggestion is that you get to Grade 3 and then you can utilize the Expert Server.

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My current stats are: 440,958 XP. 586 Hours. 845 flights. 765 landings (mostly because of the baby crying and I have to end flights…LOL). I think I have about 20 vios. I’m a grade four, with 0 ghosts. Just sayin.

Grade 3 is only 5 landings in last 90 days, grade 4 is 100 landings in 90 days with grade 5 being 200 landings!

I have never got above Grade 3 and never will as same with the Orginal Poster I can only fly a couple of times a week due to family commitments ( I am not alone). More than happy to remain a grade 3 though think that the perhaps some of the limitations need to be updated.


Whoops! Well, even better then! You can achieve Grade 4 with 100+ landings!

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Here’s my point. Grade 5 requires 750 landings…but…you have to have 200 landings in 3 months. With the introduction of global, you can fly 7 hours with 1 landing. So, yes, you can get XP, but the landing requirement needs to be revisited.

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What I’ve seen many other people suggest at other places is a violation/landing ratio.
I, personally, also think that the landing requirement is a bit much. The violation/landing ratio would be, if you’re a good pilot, easier to pass. However, if you’re a bad pilot with many violations, it would be harder to pass. And, it may even be a better representation of skill, maturity, and experience.
However, I won’t fret too much if the landing requirement doesn’t change. I understand that Grade 4 and 5 are supposed to be the most dedicated pilots. And, since they don’t really give more benefits other than status compared to Grade 3, I’ll be content with being a Grade 3 on the Expert Server.

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All I’m saying is…if I have 765 landings, a half a million XP, no ghosts…why do I need 200 landings in 3 months? The math doesn’t work.

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Hmm… feature request?

not sure…what do you think?

Maybe you can request a grade table rework. Let’s see what DeerCrusher is here to day

You do realize when the math is done it comes out to roughly 2 landings per day. Yes I too have a demanding job that takes up 12 hrs of my day but I’m still able to get at least 2 landings in if I fly on one day. Some days I’ll do a pattern session where all I’ll do is fly patterns. I actually enjoy them. I get some music, hop in the C208 and fly about 2 hrs of patterns.

If we can find the time to do a long haul or even a short flight, then we most definitely have time to do a minimum of two landings in 1 day. The math adds up.


I understand it may be challenging to achieve and mantain grade 5 with busy schedules. However, you may realize in the end its not about the grade but flying right, and flying for enjoyment rather than chasing a grade.

Happy landings.


You aren’t factoring in longer flights. I can fly from EGBB to NJFK…7 our so hours…with 1 landing. All I;m saying is that the landings in 90 days needs t0 be changed.

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Actually, it is realistic in the learning process. But for this it is not I would agree with you I am also having a hard time with this issue aswell.

Not bogus to me. I’ve done plenty of long haul flights and have actually increased my landings in 90 days from 101 to 150. In fact once you get Grade 3 the grading system really doesnt mean anything so no need to really change it.