90 day landing keep dropping

I’ve been Grade4 for a while, but for some reason I am down to grade 3 for last 2 1/2 weeks, and my 90 day landing keeps dropping, even thought I am doing flights any suggestions??

Have you done flights prior to those 90 days?

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It’s a rolling 90 day period so let’s say 90 days ago you did 10 landings, tomorrow you would then have 10 less landings in 90 days. I would suggest doing more pattern work as it’s a quick way to get landings.

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Yes, do flights every day

So as Chatta said, it’s rolling 90 days. If you did a flight 91 days ago, then that landing would fall off. But a landing 90 days ago you would still gain one.

This is normal. If the 91 day was 20 landings it will drop by 20 when the window moves forward.

Sorry I fixed the link.

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