(90 Attending, 4 Gates Left!) (19 Days Away!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


united operates any available gate?


Unfortunately all gates that United operates at are taken. Sorry.


which airlines are available?


In Terminal B, the last gate is: American Eagle E175 (generic) to KCMH


Just that flight?


and in any other gates?


In Terminal C, the last available gate is: Delta E170 to KCHO, and all Transient Ramps you may choose the destination, although the aircraft must be GA.


No more flights?


I just told you the 2 available commercial gates. There are still gates available!


One is generic and the other one very short. If anyone leaves can you inform me?


Sure dude, there are also 14 GA Gates if you would like.


really? oh


can I have a flight to cleveland on Delta CRJ7?


Sure! I will change up your gate.


THANKS! and which gate?


Your welcome, the Gate is Terminal C Gate 43.


ok Thanks!


Can I have any gate available


Soz I didn’t see the name


Can I go to KJAX instead of KCLT?