(90 Attending, 4 Gates Left!) (19 Days Away!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


There are only 6 commercial gates left! Get one ASAP before it is too late!


Biggest event ive ever been in


Can I have A American 738 to Reagan


I’d like gate 35, Delta CRJ 900 to KIND please!


@Jonesrox55, you are all set!

@BadJokes101, your gate has been changed.


Y’all are now really close to being too late if you don’t sign up quick! There are now only 4 commercial gates left!


Haha will this be a full airport


You bet! Only 18 gates left with a month left until the event day. Oh boy it’s gonna be good… There will also probably be several wing strikes for super duper ultra realism at LGA!


Lol, My cruise speed to KMCI is 46000 Pretty high im not sure weather will change: Im gonna have such bad lag.


Cruise speed? That is impossibly fast! Do you mean Cruise Altitude lol?


Oops yeah! if i were to travel that fast then ill go to london because ill be at kmci like 4 minuets! (i mean never under estimate boeing!: But yeah im look at a weight of 6hrs of fuel and 138 passengers so about 300-500k pounds???(my math is terrible


More like Australia lol


Giving this topic one more quick bump…


Hi Can I have Gate 38 Delta A319 to KMSY


You are in, there are now 3 commercial gates left!


There is about 4 weeks left for sign ups!


Oh yes :):)


pls may i have a gate


I would’ve loved to attend this but unfortunately I won’t be able to wake up at 4 in the morning.
I’m 100% confident about that lol
Hope you guys have fun!!


@Nidhish_Kataria sure! Please take a look through the remaining available gates. Thanks for your interest! :))