(90 Attending, 4 Gates Left!) (19 Days Away!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


Sure! I will change it right away! :)


Any room left in terminal a marine air terminal.


What gates are left?


I think LaGuardia might be the actual thing, I mean 70 Attenders!!!


Yes there is one gate left: JBU E190 to KBOS. Would you like the gate?


Which delta gates are still open in terminal c?


Just look through the dropdown list…


Can I get gate c8


Sure thing @DEN_Airport! Signing you up right now!


Can you open up a American A321 departing to KCLT please?


Is it possible if I maybe can change my gate to AA06 to KBOS


@Bray and @Matthew_20204, you guys have been added. @Matthew_20204, your gate has been switched.


@Aiden_Morales, after PMing me the gate you would like, you have been added!


I still can not believe that in just 4 weeks, we already have 73 people attending! Thanks everyone for showing your support and signing up for this event!


Your totally welcome :) Just bumping the post


Terminal D, gate 05 plz :)


@RCH0986, you’re all set for D gate 05. Terminal D is now full with just 20 gates left!


@Dylan_M, amazing event! I love the design and effort put into it. I’ll take gate c12 callsign Blue Streak 297


I really appreciate the kind words dude. As for your gate request, I am signing you up now! Thanks for attending!


Thank you so much! I can’t wait for the event!