(90 Attending, 4 Gates Left!) (19 Days Away!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


Yep it sure is! And there is still over a month to fill the airport! I believe that it might happen!


If only one of the gates could be switched to a US airways A320 to KCLT


Unfortunately, US Airways does not operate out of KLGA anymore.


Hi @Dylan_M, I would love to attend but I don’t know what my schedule is on that day. I will try and sign up at a later date, thank you!


No problem! You still have plenty of time ;)


I have centered the entire post for a more organized format.


Can I change my gate to the E170 to KBOS?


Sure, are you changing airlines or anything like that?


It is usually operated with an E190 by American, but I’ll take the Delta E170.


Ok! I have changed your Gate (:


There are only 43 Gates left! Get one soon before you can’t.


If the gates fill up, will you make the event sooner?


Maybe! Only time will tell…


I will take terminal b gate 9, jet blue in a A321 thanks.


Which Gate in Terminal B? the B Gates dont have no number. Also, to fly jetBlue, please use Terminal A. Thanks!


@Aviator10 may i please have gate b6 I’m begging you I really love southwest and my dad works for Southwest thanks in advance :D


Sure! My dad is an American pilot!


Can I get Gate D5 to KMCI?


Can i havé Gate 11: Delta A319 to KMCO:


@Kjax_tv - you’ve got Gate B6!
@Aiden_Hindmarsh - i signed you up for D5!
@Victor2 - You have Gate 11!
Thanks to you all for attending!