(90 Attending, 4 Gates Left!) (19 Days Away!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301900ZDEC18


Lets Make LaGuardia Great!!

About this event: As you guys know, KLGA has been receiving lots of hate recently. Currently it is undergoing a massive renovation that hopefully will improve the stricken airport. What other way to make it better by having a Giant flyout? It’s also my home airport. (which you probably already know lol)


Server: Expert

Airport: KLGA

Date & Time: December 30, 2018 7:00 PM


  • LaGuardia connects to many places in the eastern and central parts of the USA. However, due the lack of available gates, I am unable to include every single route. Please understand this.

  • If you would like to fly on a route that you don’t see listed, please just ask! Make sure that the destination is realistic and is used in real life.

  • Please spawn at your assigned Gate 10-15 Minutes prior to the event start for screenshots!

  • Be respectful of the Unicom. We don’t want trolls ruining the experience for others.

  • Do not attempt to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you.

  • You are responsible for managing your fuel and flight plans. You can always check #tutorials for helpful tips and guidance or use fpltoif.com.

Commercial Gates

Terminal A (Full!)

Gate AA01: jetBlue E190 to KBOS: @Infinite_flight_A320
Gate AA02: jetBlue A320 to KFLL: @Kevinsoto1502
Gate AA03: jetBlue A320 to KMCO: @cbrooks531
Gate AA04: jetBlue A321 to KMCO: @siryolo28
Gate AA05: jetBlue A320 to KPBI: @Plane-Train-TV
Gate AA06: jetBlue E190 to KBOS: @Matthew_20204

Terminal B (Full!)

Gate A1: United 737-800 to KORD: @Elliott_Ewell
Gate A2: United Express CRJ-700 to KIAD: @CptMats
Gate A3: United A320 to KIAH: @Chase_Copeland
Gate A4: United 737-800 to KDEN: @Rishon_R
Gate A5: United A320 to KIAH: @Lufthansa2
Gate A6: United Express CRJ-700 to KCLE: @Patrick_Gallagher
Gate A7: Southwest 737-700 to KDAL: @ItsBlitz
Gate B1: Southwest 737-700 to KDAL: @Jackson_Kaiman (connecting to KSAN)
Gate B2: Southwest 737-700 (Illinois One) to KDEN @Luke_Sta (conmecting to KSLC)
Gate B3: Southwest 737-800 to KMCO: @Shadow87645
Gate B4: Southwest 737-800 to KDEN: @Riley_Grim (connecting to KLAX)
Gate B5: Southwest 737-800 to KSJC: @BigBert10 (connecting to KMDW)
Gate B6: Southwest 737-700 to KBNA: @Kjax_tv
Gate B7: Southwest 737-700 to KDAL: @Toure_Malone
Gate B8: Southwest 737-800 to KDEN: @AlaskaAirfireball111
Gate C1: American CRJ-200 to KCAK: @Boeing797
Gate C3: Air Canada A319 to CYYZ: @PedroG
Gate C4: Air Canada Express E175 to CYUL: @rubinedan
Gate C5: American Eagle CRJ-700 to KPIT: @IchBinGeheim
Gate C6: American Eagle CRJ-700 to KRDU: @Craig_Flemming
Gate C7: American 737-800 to KDCA: @BadJokes101
Gate C8: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KCVG: @DEN_Airport
Gate C9: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KIND: @Kate_Russell
Gate C10: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KDTW: @Dan_C
Gate C11: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KMSP: @Gavin_Finck
Gate C12: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KMIA: @SouthernDude
Gate C14: American A320 to KORD: @Aviator10
Gate D1: American Eagle CRJ-700 to KDCA: @baseball_inferno
Gate D2: American A321 to KCLT: @Bray
Gate D3: American 737-800 to KORD: @Adelaide_Aviation
Gate D4: United A320 to KDEN: @Jack_Winston
Gate D5: Southwest 737-800 to KMCI: @Aiden_Hindmarsh
Gate D6: Air Canada A319 to CYYZ: @Alboss
Gate D7: Southwest 737-700 to KMCO: @MLG_Man
Gate D8: Air Canada E175 to CYUL: @rubixcube
Gate D9: Air Canada A319 to CYYZ: @EthanT2
Gate D10: American A321 to KDFW: @Travis_rice

Terminal C (Full!)

Gate 15: Delta E170 to KCHA: @tidex
Gate 16: Delta A321 to KMIA: @DTot42
Gate 17: Delta A321 to KMCO: @Corgi
Gate 18: Delta A319 to KFLL: @Krunchy_Toast
Gate 20: Delta CRJ-900 to KMKE: @DeltaMD88Fan
Gate 21: Delta E170 to KCVG: @Javian_J
Gate 22: Delta CRJ-700 to KCHO: @Michael_Czyz
Gate 23: Delta CRJ-700 to KRDU: @VAnuj
Gate 26: Frontier A320 to KCVG: @Ethan_Hansen
Gate 28: Delta E170 to KBOS: @Pinecone
Gate 29: Spirit A320 to KDTW: @Enrique_Fernandez
Gate 30: Delta A319 to KDTW: @Fernando_Carbajal
Gate 31: Delta 737-800 to KATL: @AsternDestroyer
Gate 32: Delta E170 to KDCA: @Wesleyhenrich
Gate 33: Delta E170 to KPIT: @will_pugh
Gate 34: Delta A321 to KFLL: @AviationJack
Gate 35: Delta CRJ-900 to KIND: @Jonesrox55
Gate 36: Delta A319 to KMIA: @Lucas_Piedra
Gate 37: Delta 737-800 to KATL: @SirMarkieMark
Gate 38: Delta A319 to KMSY: @IFaviationeldin
Gate 39: Delta A319 to KMSP: @Captain_Awerty
Gate 41: Spirit A320 to KMYR: @PaulDiscala
Gate 42: Delta CRJ-900 to KJAX: @Tucker_Ryan
Gate 43: Delta CRJ-700 to KCLE: @AgusAeromexico
Gate 44: Delta A319 to KMCO: @CapriciousWisewater

Terminal D (Full!)

Gate 01: Delta 737-800 to KDEN: @Delta319
Gate 02: Westjet 737-700 to CYYZ: @ouzi
Gate 04: Delta CRJ-900 to KBOS: @BrownGamer14
Gate 05: Delta A319 to KMCI: @RCH0986
Gate 06: Delta A319 to KJAX: @Captain_America.us
Gate 07: Westjet 737-700 to CYYZ: @WestJet737767 (connecting to CYUL)
Gate 08: Westjet 737-700 to CYYZ: @Aiden_Morales
Gate 09: Delta A321 to KFLL: @757fan
Gate 10: Delta CRJ-900 to KRSW: @AmarKoric11
Gate 11: Delta A319 to KMCO: @Victor2

General Aviation

Transient Ramps (4 Gates Left!)

Transient Ramp 01: C750 to KAVL: @Sebastian9915
Transient Ramp 02: @Dylan_M (watching departures)
Transient Ramp 03: @Joseph007 (watching departures)
Transient Ramp 04: @Tajay_White (watching departures)
Transient Ramp 05: @Nidhish_Kataria
Transient Ramp 06: A320 to KDCA: @Sjoerd
Transient Ramp 07: ACJ A318 to KLAX: @Abel_Kocsis
Transient Ramp 08: TBM 930 to KLVN: @Aceorbit
Transient Ramp 09:
Transient Ramp 10:
Transient Ramp 11: 737-700BBJ to KMCO: @Luka_Mac_Lennan
Transient Ramp 12:
Transient Ramp 13:
Transient Ramp 14: CRJ-900: @Jermaine_Edwards
Transient Ramp 15: 737-700BBJ to KBWI: @HiFlyer
Transient Ramp 16: US Airways 757-200 to KORD: @Manley_Travels

Terminal Reminder: Please note that gates in Terminal C and D are not lettered in-app. All lettered gates are Terminal B, along with Terminal A at the western end of the airport. Use this photo for reference:

Want to know more about LaGuardia?


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Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2
Centered text not working on a drop down list

Great event you got here! Are the A gates still used? I thought that Delta’s Shuttle routes were operated out of the B gates now (I just flew on DL Shuttle on Sunday to DCA, we left from a B gate).


Can I have D9 to CYYZ?


Can I have [Gate 27: Spirit A321 to KFLL]


Can I have transit ramp 12. Aircraft 757-200F for UPS. Destination KPHL. Takeoff Runway 13



Can’t believe KSJC is actually on this list! XD


I don’t think KLGA was ever great…😂 but seems like a nice event that’s worth going to. Let’s hope some troll doesn’t decide to pull a sully at peak hours.


I will take Gate C9: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KIND


LGA-BWI is not a real route


You are all signed up!


Oh! I’ll change it right away.


Would you like that Gate? Made it just for you XD


All Delta services operate from Terminal C and D.


The A Gates are barely used anymore, after Alaska ended all service 4 Days ago. Now the only operator from A is jetBlue, which rarely has any flights from KLGA.


We will find out the departing runway on the day of the event.


Why did I create this event almost 2 months beforehand?

So the event can fill up and have a full KLGA for once. DUHHHH


I’ll take gate A6 to KCLE, United Express CRJ7.


Is it possible for me to change a destination? I’d like to take any Delta A319 to KDEN callsign DLVA34


I’ve got you signed up! Thanks for coming!


Sure, I’ll change a gate up for ya.