[9 out of 15 attendees] The Ninth Most Dangerous Airport @ LPMA - 311600ZMAR19

Dare to fly approach Runway 05?


Hello, you may recognize something? Is it? Yes, the airport was the winner of the Best Island Airport for Winter. The airport is Madeira airport and it is the ninth most dangerous airport in the world. If the weather is good enough for us to approach the runway 5, then it will be fun and tricky.

The event will take place at Maderia and fly around the island and land at the same airport we had departed from. Why fly around the island? The scenery here is so beautiful and adding runway 5 approach is much fun. Also, this will be on March 31st, at 1600 Zulu.

First of all, we need a description first. The first one is the Detail of the Event.


Server Causal
Airport LPMA
Date 16:00Z
Notice to Airmen NOTAM Respect each other
Fly professional at all time
Spawn prior 30-15 minutes before the event
Use Unicom correctly
Mostly have fun!

Next is the Flight Detail.

Aircraft Any TAP Aircraft
Starting Time 16:00Z
Departure Runway 5 *
Flight Time 30-40 Minutes
Arrival Runway 5 *
Ending Time 16:30Z - 16:40Z
Climbing Speed 210
Cruise Level FL50
Cruise Speed 230
Descending Speed As long you keep a safe distance/speration

* = Depending on the weather, runway in use may change.

When you land on Runway 5, apply full reverse and brake and exit on your right from preventing back taxi that may cause the delay for arrival.

Flight Plan

lpma 3235N/1644W 3238N/1653W 3239N/1702W 3244N/1713W 3249N/1717W 3253N/1711W 3250N/1707W 3250N/1702W 3251N/1655W 3247N/1649W ma565 ma566 mac04 gelo rosro lpma


Last is the Gate Assignment.



Gate Assigned to Aircraft
A01 @ebukarthur A320
A02 @Andres_Rodriguez1 A320
A03 @A350iscool A320
A04 @JohnT A319
A05 @Infi A319
A06 @Sashaz55 A320
A07 @Matthew_20204 A319
A08 @Frankfurt05 A320
A09 @Spencer_Clark A319
A10 @Ethan4 Unknown
A11 @Dwane_S A320
A12 @Jackalus_Mills A320
A16 (Reserved)

Have fun and thank for joining!


Looks interesting I’ll take gate A07

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Which TAP Aircraft?

A319 please

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You are signed up, thanks for coming!

Thanks…see you there!!

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Could i take a gate please
Gate A05
I will be in a A318

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Yeha it’s easy

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I’ll take Gate A08 with a TAP A320

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*dangerous approach, not the airport

But nice event btw

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It actually the airport, not the approach.

Read below:

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the airport is considered dangerous because of the approach. but otherwise the size of the runway is good (since the works) and the weather is often good

Have read the wikipedia yet? It still count as Ninth Most Dangerous Airport because of that Approach.

I will change my aircraft to A319 tap aircraft:)

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@Frankfurt05 @Infi You are signed up, thank for coming.

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A06 please TAP a320 please

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A12 A320 TAP please

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@Sashaz55 @Jackalus_Mills You are signed up, thank for coming.

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Gate A09 Please in the TAP a319.