9 is sometimes pronouced nine and sometimes niner

Seems like there is a bug with how ATC messages are being sent to the TTS. The frequency “118.90” is being read as one one eight point niner zero, but callsigns containing the number 9 is still read as nine.

Not a bug! That is how it is in real life :)

I’m pretty sure that’s a US thing right? In US call signs are read like street numbers, not individual digits

Not exactly. The reason why “Niner" is used is because “Nine” can be easily muffled, slurred, or confused with other words if not spoken clearly. Adding the “er” does just this and is simply adding enunciation so misunderstandings are less likely.

I know 9 is NINER but shouldn’t 9 also be NINER in callsigns?

I don’t think so. I believe this is because the numbers within a callsign are read one by one, just as letters are referred to by words from the NATO (phonetic) alphabet.

However in the case of Infinite Flight, it depends on how the devs coded the message(s).

The ATC voices are apple or android presets and can’t say niner from what I know

It’s changed from nine to niner because nine sounds like German for no which is nein

It depends how the number is being used. When used as a frequency it is part of a larger number. So they coded that way.

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