9 Dead in South Dakota plane crash

Pictured here is a Pilatus PC-12, the aircraft involved in the incident
Apparently, the cause is weather related…as snow was falling up to an inch an hour


Been trackin this since it broke, amazing they rescued some from the PC12

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That’s sad. Northern Midwest is getting hard by snow. At my place, we have received 13" of snow so far and I have to imagine that flying in a snowy condition. Scary stuff.

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That is super sad — may all the people killed in the crash rest in peace. I really wonder what specifically caused the crash… icing? disorientation? engine / oil problems due to the cold? Only the official NTSB report will tell.

Could be a million things, when the official NTSB report comes out we will know

Yep… no point in speculating is there? I will eagerly await the report for this one.

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