[9 Attending!] The Chicago-Midway Fly-Out! Southwest Virtual Event! @KMDW - 241900ZAUG19

The Chicago-Midway International Fly-Out!

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Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: KMDW

Time: 2019-08-24T19:00:00Z

About this Event

Hello Everyone! This is Southwest’s first event in a series of events! Our first event will be based out of Midway International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. Our next events will take place in Dallas (KDAL) and Houston (KHOU). These three airports play such a key role in Southwest’s routes database. We hope you luv these events as much as we do!


Please spawn at your gate at least 15 minutes before event start time.

Please be on your best behavior! Do not spam unicom or ATC.

Please do not pushback with the person next to you and follow taxi ways.

Please use the correct livery for the aircraft you sign up for.

Use generic livery for aircraft that do not have the livery you signed up for.

I will tell each concourse when it is time to push.

Please take off on designated runways!

Gate Assignments

Concourse A (15 Gates Left!)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A01 Southwest B738 KFLL @QFA_12
A02 Volaris A319 MMGL TBD
A03 Porter Q400 CYTZ @TheFlyingGuy1
A04 Southwest B737 KBWI TBD
A07 Delta B712 KATL TBD
A09 Southwest B737 KMCO @Armani_B
A11 Southwest B737 KRSW TBD
A12 Southwest B738 KRNO TBD
A13 Southwest B737 KBOS TBD
A14 Southwest B738 KLGA TBD
A15 Southwest B737 KHOU TBD
A16 Southwest B737 KDCA TBD
A17 Southwest B738 KTUS TBD
A18 Southwest B737 MDPC TBD
A19 Southwest B738 KSEA TBD
Concourse B (19 Gates Left!)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B01 Southwest B738 KPHL TBD
B02 Southwest B737 KSAN TBD
B03 Southwest B737 KORF @Niccckk
B05 Southwest B737 TJSJ TBD
B07 Southwest B738 KBNA TBD
B08 Southwest B737 KCLE TBD
B09 Southwest B738 KSJC @GlobalFlyer1
B10 Southwest B738 KLAS @Kaleb_Jordan
B12 Southwest B737 KEWR TBD
B14 Southwest B737 KDEN @Luke_Sta
B15 Southwest B737 KMCI TBD
B16 Southwest B738 KSLC TBD
B17 Southwest B737 KAUS @Suhas
B18 Southwest B737 KCVG TBD
B19 Southwest B738 KLAX TBD
B20 Southwest B737 KBUF TBD
B21 Southwest B737 KOAK TBD
B22 Southwest B738 KPHX TBD
B23 Southwest B737 KDAL TBD
B24 Southwest B738 KOKC TBD
B25 Southwest B737 KPNS TBD
B26 Southwest B738 KSMF @CAKnights09

Southwest Virtual has been a member of the Infinite Flight Community for almost two years. In our time on the forum, we revolutionized the VA category with a new organization that also puts the focus on virtual passengers with our Booking Department and Rapid Rewards program. But our pilots are still the most important aspect of our VA, which is why our top of the line Flight Operations Department gives pilots everything they need to fly as realistically as possible. Whether you are a pilot or a passenger, this is the perfect VA for you!

Apply Here!

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This thread was made by @Kaleb_Jordan.


New Signups!

Signup List!



Gate Changes!


Cancelled Gates!
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I’ll take a gate with the 738 to San Jose. Callsign will be SWA32


Can I take a gate to KAUS in a 737

Good luck. I’ll be just back from my holiday so I most likely won’t have a subscription anyway. As to every VA both I do and don’t work for, I hope you grow and create a great community within yourselves!

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High chance I can’t come tho

Please do not sign up if you are not likely to come!

I’ll take B03 to KORF. Callsign SWA2886.


😂Yea but you never know and I’d love to come so still sign me up🙃 callsign SWVA237

Gate A03 please

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No… wha…? But it’s a irl flight…

@Southwest_Virtual if I can’t have a Austin gate😔 then I’ll take B15 to MCI

Uh, it’s a real route and I’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem replacing one of them 🤷🏻‍♂️

If it really is, I’ll just pass on joining the event.


Ya know what? I’m with @GlobalFlyer1. Austin or nothin for me.

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Guys we will replace the gates with your desired route, we just had a staff conflict. Sorry about that! @Suhas @GlobalFlyer1

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Awesome! Sure np I understand. Love this VA! Glad to be a part of it🙃

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Again, sorry about the confusion. Please avoid unnecessary reports.

Plenty of gates available! Sign up today!

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Gate A01 to kfll

Gate A09 to KMCO Please it’ll count for Southwest VA😉Callsighn SWVA220 thank you