[9 ATTENDING!][Partnered with my iPhone, WiFi VA, and The Forum] Huge Meta Topic on Really Long Hard to Read Event Titles | My Longest Title as of Yet @ #meta 302052DEC19 [Sponsored by my Fingers] - Made with Care, Love, and Good Intentions-by Trio

Hey, you guys. Pssst. Let me you in on a secret. Your event titles are really hard to read.

Could you make your #live:events title a bit shorter so they’re easier to read? I don’t understand why this has become a trend. I get the attendance is important but maybe just let the post actually display the majority of the information rather then cramming it all in the title? I know it’s not my event, but as someone who likes attending events occasionally, you’re making it very hard for me to quickly find an event that best suits me. Then I get some kind of important notification, exit the forum, and then forget what I was even doing. That last part is more of a personal problem, but you get the idea.

The easier it is to understand quickly, theoretically, the more likely more people will click and read.

Here is an example of a more legible title.


This is great.
I hate reading event titles that are overly long! Sometimes you can’t even read them in one breath. Short and sweet is how it’s supposed to be.


Haha I was just thinking of this a few hours ago. Some are longer than their threads 🤣


I agree. In the age of TL;DR, the shorter your title, the more likely people are to care.

agreed on that, those titles make me mostly not even want to check out the events

Maybe people think that if they have a long title it will make their event look more appealing? Can’t agree with this more

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Thank you @HiFlyer, that is accurate.


Great topic, realy needed. Some title are Sooo long!

These titles are so long, it takes me a few seconds to comprehend them lol
This topic was needed, though.

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You could’ve done “by Trio, an honored Trainer for Air Traffic Control on Infinite Flight”. Just to make it more annoying


[Sponsored by my brain, nervous system, bones, and fingers.], Made with care, love and good intentions by the well known Trio, who made this with care, love, good intentions, and his brain.

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And his muscles

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Great title🙃

Whenever I see the Ultra Loooong titles I just assume that there’s an event, so when I saw this, I thought is was another event.

This event sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

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Make that 2 attending, I’m in!! Jokes aside, I understand what you mean and it seems to be the “new” IFC trend to put sponsors and/or ATC coverage on the title, if they get sponsored or have someone doing ATC for the event.

Welp, looks like I started a joining spree!!

Make that 3 attending now!

Make it 4.

5 now…I’ll join

Lol i saw the super long title and saw it was in #meta and was about to change it into #live:events😂

Very good point, some of them are way to long!

Also, sign me up! 😂