[9 Attending!] [Can We Hit 10?] The Astronomical San Diego Flyout @ KSAN 192100ZOCT19

I’ll take gate 08 to KDAL
Also thanks for making this event!


We have reached 7. Can we hit 8???

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Can I have this gate please :)

Yes! we have 8!

Gate 51 please wow two flyout is hard to do

9! Can we reach 10???

Lol me noticing the picture isn’t hd makes me mad

It is difficult, but you just have to put the time in.

You should join the discord link I sent.

I should I thought this flyout isn’t discord and I didn’t get a discord link

I was talking about my other event :)

Where is the link?

I sent it in a pm.

Gate 50 for me please

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I’ll take this one!

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Gate 20- B773 British Airways to EGLL:

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Will this also be an event with discord?

no, this will be a regular flyout.

@Claudio already took this gate. Would you like another one?

Okay…, i’ll take the gate to KOAK