[9 Attending!] [Can We Hit 10?] The Astronomical San Diego Flyout @ KSAN 192100ZOCT19

                                  The San Diego flyout


Credit: google images

Airpot: KSAN

Time: 2019-10-19T21:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server


(Will add more if needed)


Cargo Ramp 01- A33F UPS to KMEM:

Cargo Ramp 02- MD1F UPS to KEWR:

Cargo Ramp 03- MD1F UPS to KDFW:

Cargo Ramp 04- MD1F UPS to KSLC

Cargo Ramp 05- MD1F FedEx to KMEM:

Cargo Ramp 06- B77F FedEx to KJAX:

Cargo Ramp 07- B77F Fedex to KDFW:


FBO San Diego 01:

FBO San Diego 02:

FBO San Diego 03:

FBO San Diego 04:

FBO San Diego 05:

FBO San Diego 06:

Terminal 1

Gate 01- B737 Southwest(Heart) to KLAS:

Gate 01A- B738 Southwest(Heart) to KSFO:

Gate 02- B738 Southwest(Heart) to KDEN:

Gate 03- B738 Southwest(Heart) to KOAK:

Gate 04- B738 Southwest(Canyon Blue) to KPHX:

Gate 05-B737 Southwest(Desert Gold) to KLAS:

Gate 06- B737 Southwest(Shamu) to KELP:

Gate 07- B738 Southwest(Canyon Blue) to KSJC: @GlobalFlyer1

Gate 08- B738 Southwest(Canyon Blue) to KDAL: @Bravo59

Gate 09- B737 Southwest(Heart) to KSMF:

Gate 10- B738 Southwest(Canyon Blue) to KSLC:

Gate 11- B737 Southwest(Shamu) to KAUS: @Suhas

Gate 12- B737 Southwest(Heart) to KTUS:

Gate 13- A321 JetBlue to KRNO:

Gate 14- A320 JetBlue to KLAX:

Gate 15- A321 Spirit Airlines to KORD:

Gate 16- A321 Spirit Airlines to KDFW:

Gate 17- CRJ7 Frontier to KLAS:

Gate 18-A321 Frontier(Any) to KMCO: @Armani_B

Gate 19- A321 Frontier(Any) to KRDU:

Gate 20- B773 British Airways to EGLL: @Claudio

Terminal 2

Gate 21- B738 Alaskan Airlines to KOMA:

Gate 22- B739 Alaskan Airlines to KAUS:

Gate 23-A320 American Airlines to KPDX:

Gate 24- B739 Alaskan Airlines to KSEA:

Gate 25- B738 American Airlines to KORD:

Gate 26- B739 Alaskan Airlines to KSFO:

Gate 27- B738 American Airlines to KEWR:

Gate 28- B738 Alaskan Airlines to KFAT:

Gate 29- A321 American Airlines to KDFW:

Gate 30-B739 Alaskan Airlines to KBWI:

Gate 31A- A320 American Airlines to KPDX:

Gate 32- A321 American Airlines to KDFW:

Gate 33- B738 American Airlines to KPHL:

Gate 34- A321 Delta Airlines to KSLC:

Gate 35- B739 Delta Airlines to KMSP:

Gate 36- CRJ2 United Airlines to KLAX:

Gate 37- Q400 Horizon Air to KGEG:

Gate 38- B739 United Airlines to KBOS:

Gate 39- Q400 United Express to KDEN:

Gate 40- B739 United Airlines to KIAH:

Gate 41- A321 Delta Airlines to KDTW:

Gate 42- CRJ9 Delta Airlines to KORD:

Gate 43- EJ170 Delta Airlines to KLAX:

Gate 44- A321 Delta Airlines to KATL:

Gate 45- B767 Hawaiian Airlines to PHNL:

Gate 46- Q400 Air Canada to CYYC:

Gate 47-B757 Delta Airlines to KJFK:

Gate 48-B789 Japan Airlines to RJAA: @QVG-Crunch

Gate 49-B738 Westjet to CYVR: @anon41771314

Gate 50-CRJ9 Air Canada to CYVR: @Sam73628

Gate 51- A346 Lufthansa to EDDF: @Marco-legend

Notes: if you want a different aircraft, livery, or route just ask. Since the spacing between gates is small, certain aircraft in certain gates will be not allowed.

NOTAM Spawn 10 minutes before specified time. Please listen to ATC. All GA gates can be used for any GA aircraft on any route. If ATC is present follow instructions.

Credit to @George_Alazar for helping with the gates.

If you don’t know if you can attend this, check out my other event that will take place in less than a week!


Uh, pardon me, but I think this belongs in #live:events.

Already changed it nate

Roger that 👍🏻

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You guys like how I used big words in that title ;)

Thanks anyway @Nate_Schneller

yes please

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Really wish I could attend, but life events are in the way.

BTW, Why is there a Q400 going to CYYC?

Hi do you have a Frontier A320 to Orlando gate , if possible thanks 👍🏽

I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose, but I’ll decided the livery and between the -700 or -800 on the day of the event! Thanks!

Would you mind adding a Southwest gate to KAUS for me? If you can, I’ll take it. Thanks!

I’ll make a gate for you as soon as I can

Alright I’ll put you down

anyone else want gates?

Sign me up! Gate 43 to LAX. Callsign DLVA2407. You now have 5!

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Yay! Round 2: can we hit 6

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I’ll take a gate to EDDF Lufthansa a346

now you have 6 ;)

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Thanks mate you’re in.

Not free on the day but I like how it says can we hit 7

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Thanks its kind of a joke