9 Air 737-800

9 Air 737-800


(By Ziyouzizai on Planespotters.net, click on the image for the source)

This is an interesting airline. Their 737-800 has a total of 10 different liveries in their fleet of 19 737-800s, and the lime green one has the most representation with 3 different lime green 738s in the fleet.

Different variations of the 9 Air 737-800
  • 2 purple, B-1172 and B-1716
  • 2 dark purple, B-1233 and B-6991
  • 3 lime green, B-1472, B-6990, and B-1705
  • 2 yellow, B-1473 and B-6989
  • 1 sky blue, B-1551
  • 2 dark red & gold, B-1552 and B-208K
  • 2 red orange, B-1553 and B-7113
  • 2 orange, B-1556 and B-1715
  • 2 blue, B-1592 and B-1719
  • 1 dark green, B-6992

This is another Chinese domestic airline, that, too operates a member of the 737 family like my last 2 feature requests. There is a lack of Chinese representation in IF, so I am trying to help compensate.

9 Air is a Chinese airline based in Guangzhou that operates entirely domestic flights, except for one to Bangkok.

The 737-800 is a medium range, narrow body aircraft produced by Boeing. It is the most popular commercial aircraft ever built.

It’s a beautiful and fun livery, isn’t it!

I’ve never heard of the airline but it looks great. Nice request!


Same ive never heard of it but the colors look great

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