9/25/2015 Southern California FNF Procedures

This week’s Friday Night Flight (FNF) will take place in the Southern California region. As many can imagine, being a cargo pilot can bring extremely long work days. This week we dive into a new level of realism as we simulate a full day’s work as a cargo pilot. The day starts with a commute to work before hopping in your your cargo plane to haul goods to San Diego and ending with a night flight home!

We will be using IF Procedures for all legs to provide an organized and realistic experience. For the event, these routes will be the ONLY authorized routes in the region. The commute and final leg have user choices available, so choose your own adventure! Full ATC will be available to implement and assist with procedures. Failure to follow instructions will lead to ghosting. It is recommended you take notes on the procedures or save on a second device. For added realism, follow the weight and time of day recommendations.

Keep it realistic, follow the procedures, and stay tuned for the official IF event post!


It’s not a surprise. I distribute the procedures a few days prior so users can get familiar with them and have a chance to flight plan prior to the event. David and I work together on this. Thanks!


Maybe this time the turnout on the playground will be more than just a handful…

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@Rotate it’s not competition. Nice to get Flight Plan in advance and get familiar with procedure. Would be nice if people can get bonus XP for flying right procedures.


Great suggestion, GatwickGuy!


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Know what would be a huge surprise, @Rotate? A happy post from @Rotate! Tyler is ALWAYS gracious even when people are rude, but you won’t get that from everyone. A positive attitude will make everyone’s time of the forum more enjoyable, and would show the the volunteers how much we appreciate them.

Happy landings!


The surprise would be FNF happening on Wednesday and Turbulent Tuesday moving to Sunday. Or Tyler yelling at someone other than @Mark_Denton or me 😢


Oh, Joe! ❤️ Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

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Very good stuff…looking forward to it

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I feel like the commute to work should be in the morning time. But it doesn’t matter. Lol

why so…explain?

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You have the choice to set the time to whatever you want. :)

The procedures are the things you should worry about.


Emmmm … Does it matter what aircraft we use for the cargo?

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i cant wait to fly on advanced again, i miss it being popular.

Who’s going to be there ?

Soooo pumped for this!!

Are we flying with real weather conditions ?