9/11's 20th Anniversary, and how We Will Never Forget

Even though I wasn’t alive at the time. Thinking about the fact that, that morning 246 passengers got up, went to the airport and boarded their flights having no idea of what was about to happen next, and that the evening of September 10 or the morning of September 11th would be their last time seeing their spouses, friends and children and for all the people working in both the towers along with all the first responders. It touched me in a way I’ve have had yet to feel.

Let us remember the flight crew, passengers, the people working in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and to all the first responders who made the sacrifice to come out from the safety of their homes and save the lives of innocent people and not know if they themselves were going to make it back.

We will never forget


Manhattan, New York City, NY.

One World Trade Center.

Under construction One WTC.

WTC Pools.


Todd Morgan Beamer also in my High School it’s in Federal Way, Washington. United 93.

May 2012 the pictures is mine. Manhattan, NYC. 9/11 for 20 years ago Never Forget! 9/11 Memorial.


9/11 is a day that we as a country will never forget. I personally grew up only ~25 minutes east of Manhattan, close enough that I can see 1 World Trade Center from my high school field.
RIP to all the people who lost their lives 20 years ago today ♥️

@JarrettFlies created a beautiful flight plan earlier today and I wanted to share it


i never knew that those waypoints existed. wow…

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I don’t believe they actually exist, waypoints should be just five characters, including numbers. (e.g WEEEE WLLLL NEVVR FORGT SEP11)

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We will never forget.

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God rest their souls 🙏🏾. Will never be forgotten ❤

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I made them via a custom waypoint within the foreflight app. Thank you for the mention, @Joseph_Spinner.


oooh ok then


RIP to all the innocent people who lost their lives in this horrendous incident, may the fundamentalists get to see what destruction their intolerant ideology brings on the face of the earth and may rationality and knowledge brings out the best in everyone so that we leave in peace and prosper.

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Was this your photo or a photo from internet?


God bless America 🇺🇸

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of god.” - Matthew 5:9

We shall never forget the brave men and women on the day of 9/11/2001 nor shall we forget all the innocent people who have unwillingly gave their lives due to the acts of terror on American soil.


and the spirit and support of others

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I think it’s time for something more positive here: while it is a bummer that we, avgeeks, can’t enter the cockpits in flight, it is for a good reason and, along with the protocols after the Germanwings flight, making a flight essentially impossible to be deliberately crashed. All those lives definitely were not lost in vain, and contributed to making aviation safer, and a lot safer. A day that shall never be forgotten.


Yes 9/11 introduced a major flaw in airport security.
Federal government in US and worldwide upgraded security worldwide at airports and other areas to ensure a repeat of this does not happen again.

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Terrorist tried to take down the WTC twice. Once in February 26 1993 . Using explosives they caused severe damage but was unsuccessful in taking it down. They succeeded in taking down the towers on 9/11 using airplanes as missiles.

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Oh yes, I remember this internet for Google information about terrorists the man was named Ramzi Ahmed Yousef but the first Flight 434 Philippine Airlines is a Boeing 747-200 something the cup also clock line get shoes were hidden then out under on seat from Manila to Cebu then he leaves and twice trips to Tokyo before minutes accident crash inside line broken, not enough far to Tokyo diverted to Naha, Okinawa plane right round the right engines did not work then later landing on work for safely last on December 11, 1994. He is in prison in the state of Colorado to stay in life.

Yes I remember that he sent suitcases to his partners and attempted to check them in on flights bound for US and was responsible for Philippines airlines 434. He is now held at ADX florence top security prison

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Yes, he did what happens.