9/11 wrekage found on April 24th 2013

Yes there was a documentary about a security guard I think it was at Morgan and Stanley and he thought that it one day would happen so he taught all of the staff how to get out if it did happen. He apparently along with his friends went on a flight sim and figured that the easiest way they could target them again was from the sky so they believed it would happen. When the attacks occurred he apparently rang his friend and told him it was happening and then rang back in the building to evacuate the staff unfortunately he never made it out.

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Here is a wiki page of the security guard that worked at Morgan and Stanley

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Guys this is not the place to talk about why the incident happened.

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It’s amazing how nobody noticed the wreckage in a span of 12 years…

Can we please stop with these BS conspiracy theories?

That’s for junk.com, not community.infiniteflight.com

Have some respect, some 4chan meme isn’t appropriate for an aviation forum, esp. a topic detailing 9/11


Why are you spreading this type of blasphemy to the people of this community? All this is doing is feeding the many idiot (not directed at anyone) who believe everything they read or see on the internet. I’m perfectly okay with you having an opinion because it’s your right as human being but presenting it as a fact like you did it something that I just can’t accept. I hope you choose to reword that statement.

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This is a sensitive topic so all please keep in mind what you want to say in here, as said before keep politics out of this.

Conspiracies are pretty interesting in my opinion about this subject, realize we will never know the answer. If you come with a theory make sure to maintain respect for all the victims of this tragedy.


I heard and thought I seen a documentary about the tower supports had an angled break mark in the similar to what it would look like if the demo a building and that the jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to make the kinds of breaks that they did on the supports.
Deepest sorrow for all lost on that day

I personally believe that the government did not take part in 9/11, but some conspiracies say that it was to rally soupport for the war on terror. Anyways, could this “long white thing” be a fuel modification?

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Which statement & I will try reword in my best way.

Wreckage ;)

I know it is a little grim, but bone fragments were still being found in surrounding buildings 6 years after the disaster. With the level of destruction that happened, it’s not too surprising that pieces are still being found.

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