9/11 wrekage found on April 24th 2013

How could it have took so long?

That’s, what, 12 years after.

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If you say so. Honestly, I believe there was bombs at the tower, maybe planted by terrorists or the government.

But many reports say they heard explosions at the bottem of the tower.


Keep politics out of this - that’s not the topic of this thread. Thanks.


Yes and apparently the elevator shafts were closed leading up to the attacks and that’s the core of the building on any skyscraper so that would explain why it collapsed however there is no strong eveidence and so the only thing we can do is remember the people who died RIP


When the Airplane explodes at the top of the tower you hear it at the bottom aswell

@Maxim Your proof? You can’t blame someone doing something without proof.

9/11 is the worst attack ever. I feel deep sorrow with the people who died and their families aus well as those who survived.
But you can proof everything as being wrong some people show for telling Bush did 9/11.


I have heard that there were explosions at the bottom as well and there were huge fireballs coming from the elevator shaft I believe this is possible but I choose to just believe this it was done by terrorists and that many thousands died which should be remembered as all the eveidence points to that theory.

I used to be in the fire service and this is a highly volatile topic among people. Unless someone with top secret classification comes forward the world will never know if it was an inside job. I think that flap piece landing where it did would be the equivalent of a hole in one, that was a really tight looking space. Not trying to bring light to the tragedy at all with the golf reference, RIP to absolutely everyone involved that day.


It could have been bush rt could have been bin Ladin we can’t blame without proff so I guess that President Obama did not kill bin Ladin so lets just keep politics out we need proff

Well the 767 that was apparently a united plane that hit had a white thing on the bottom of the fuselage so it wasn’t a commercial jet that hit the towers so that is why I think that the US government was part of it.

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Well this is a bit of a coincidence: http://conspiracy-watch.org/shortly-before-911-larry-silverstein-bought-wtc/

The people in the towers had been doing fire drills in the week before. The only reason half the people didn’t survive is because they were told to stay put so all the people that died in the first tower didn’t know about the attack but the whole second tower should of been evacuated but wasn’t so easily 1000 more lives could have been saved but the wrong decisions were made.

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Have a read of the link I posted! It’s very interesting and seems a bit suspicious ;)

I never said the government had anything to do with it! I was just showing a picture of what @Belfast_spotter was on about

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Please can we keep Politics out of this? This topic is about the wreckage that was found, not about who did 9/11. Please keep you opinions to your self. If you want, PM people to have a discussion about it.

Thank you very much!


Sorry, I get a bit carried away sometimes 😂😂

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