9/11 Tribute

Regardless if it’s the September 13 still must remember 9/11, me and my buddie @Finn-14 flew some 747’s around NYC as a tribute and a drawing of a Heart Shape around NYC, so here are the pictures enjoy.

Training Server

Here we are parked up ready to fly.

Here I’m rotating while, @Finn-14 is lining up on 4R.

Finally @Finn-14 cought up and we started formation it was pretty nice we talked and enjoyed the veiw.

We got a Aeroflot Cargo MD11, flying over 2k Feet of Vertical Seperation, @Finn-14 was right next to me but it didnt want to load him up.

God bless this guy, a 757 might have saw what we are doing and decided to join up, so he flew in formation.

A Nippon Cargo 747-8F was taxing to 4L actually going to PANC which is nice to see.

And here we are pulling out of 4L and setting up for a landing on 4L, while @Finn-14 landed 4R

So finally I’ve landed, landing rate was -76fpm surprisingly, but I did have a long landing, also the 757 entered a flat spin 500 feet above 4R so R.I.P lol.

Here we are posted up, on the cargo stands.

Thanks for viewing and see you next time, stay tuned I’m going on my first introduction flight on Wednesday so get ready for that.

Thank you and stay frosty.


No matter what day if the year it is, the victims of 9/11 will always be in our hearts. Never Forget. 🇺🇸


Can you show a picture of the FPL and it drawn out?

Tbh I just eye balled it and I tried to get the picture but it wouldn’t load sadly, btw I eye balled making the heart I didnt like grab coordination