9/11 Memorial Repost to abide by rules

United Airlines memorial flight in honor of 9/11 the attacks on WTC in NYC Pentagon in DC and Shanksville PA
Gate departure A-17
American Airlines 11
Boston to Los Angeles
North Tower WTC
United Airlines 175
South tower WTC
Boston to Los Angeles
American Airlines 77
Dulles to Los Angeles
United Airlines 93
Newark to San Francisco
Shanksville UA-93 was the only aircraft that never made it to its intended destination. Had the brave passengers and crew did not do their heroic acts the U.S Capitol or White House would have been targeted
After the attacks US Airspace been closed and all flights were forced to land at nearest airfield. Flights coming in internationally were forced to return to their original departure or if not enough fuel land in Canada code name Operation Yellow Ribbon. Gander Airport took the most flights coming in from east coast. Halifax,St John Greater Moncontion CFB Goose bay and Stepehenville took aircraft flying to east coast. Toronto and Dorval also took a few flights even though this was originally not planned due to security reasons.
For all flights arriving from the west were forced to land at Vancouver Airport.
A total of 2977 people died that day.
2606 civilians in or around WTC
265 passengers and crews on all 4 flights
343 FDNY
125 pentagon
71 Law enforcement
1 dog,Port Authority Police Department

Flying over NYC airspace
Departure early morning 7:10 Newark Arrived 7:21 edt
Gate A-17 actual departure gate of UA 93

Departure of Newark Airport

Flying through midtown manhattan

Flying through queens

Arrival back at Newark

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