9/11 Memorial New York City Fly-In/Out

          Event Details

Ladies and Gentlemen in honor and remembrance of the 2,997 innocent civilians, 8 EMT/Paramedics, 60 Police Officers, and 343 Firefighters let’s all flood the skies of New York this September 11th in what I hope to be the largest Fly-In/Out Event Infinite Flight has ever seen.

As always with any event that could possibly have IFATC present please be respectful and kind to all the fellow pilots that are around and most importantly please follow all IFATC instructions should they be present.

I’m not responsible for any IFATC Violations given; if you believe you received a violation in error please reach out to the @appeals group and they will take care of you!


ATTENTION ALL If this topic closes due to inactivity of the comments please PM me directly. Should this become an IF event the comments should not be locked day of the event.

Hey I will Join u in this group flight

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