9/11 Memorial Flight!

18 years ago, tragedy struck that put the whole aviation community and the Americans in a state of shock. Let us never forget the lives that were lost and the selfless act of heroism so many people gave.

Route: KBWI ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ - KBWI ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 6 hrs 11 mins

FPL: KBWI 3932N/7617W 3929N/7541W 4052N/7416W 4111N/7405W 4135N/7404W
4151N/7411W 4203N/7423W 4214N/7440W
4220N/7459W 4222N/7514W 4158N/7515W
4155N/7459W 4148N/7446W 4139N/7438W
4130N/7434W 4118N/7434W 4110N/7437W
4100N/7447W 4053N/7458W 4050N/7513W
4050N/7529W 4055N/7542W 4101N/7553W
4112N/7602W 4124N/7605W 4135N/7603W
4144N/7556W 4151N/7547W 4156N/7535W
4158N/7516W 4222N/7514W 4221N/7529W
4217N/7547W 4211N/7603W 4200N/7619W
4152N/7626W 4141N/7632W 4130N/7635W
4112N/7634W 4056N/7626W 4048N/7619W
4035N/7559W 4031N/7548W 4028N/7538W 4026N/7527W 4026N/7521W 3932N/7617W 3925N/7423W 3948N/7420W 3949N/7450W 3927N/7453W 3922N/7322W 4214N/7304W 4214N/7317W 4214N/7320W 4216N/7334W 3923N/7352W 3917N/7220W 4210N/7203W 4211N/7233W 3920N/7251W 3926N/7446W 3932N/7617W KBWI

(P.S., Deer Crusher and Balloonchaser did the exact same flight last year so credits of the flightplan go to them)


I really like this idea. Do you know an easy way to input all of these waypoints? Also would military jets be allowed as an escort?


You can copy all these data points and paste them in fpl search.


The easiest way like mentioned above is to copy and paste the waypoints into the search bar when on the map menu. Plus if youโ€™re wondering if you can escort me, I already finished flying this flight plan a few hours ago



Wow! This is really cool.

We will never forget. 9/11/2001


Those are some great photos, nice job @IFSFG-Anshul!

We will never forget.


Amazing. What a great thing to do.


Does the flight take 6 hours or with all four planes it took 6? Cause Iโ€™d love to do this but I donโ€™t have six hours sadly. Beautiful photos and flight though

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As a matter of fact, I flew with none of those 4 planes. I flew with the CRJ-200 at FL180 at 240kts in order to perfect the turns, hence why it took me 6 hours. I guess you could fly faster but donโ€™t quite know how well the overall result would turn out.

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Really beautiful!

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Thanks a lot!

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Thanks Bud!

Thanks Bro!

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