9/11 flyover NYC

In honor of the 22th anniversary of the attack of the world trade center IFAST will be preforming a flyover and missing man formation over the 9/11 memorial site in Manhattan NY. This fly over will consist of 6-7 F-22s. We would love to see everyone come out to remember this tragic day in US history.

for questions or concerns @F22demoteam or @Jason_webber is the one to talk to.


When and can I join?


I am interested, it would also be nice to draw something on the map in the area where the attack occurred.


That’s 4 am where I live sorry can’t make it

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The flyover will occur at 8PM USA EST for anyone wondering

dang, can’t believe it’s been 22 years.

Ya don’t say say that d word or else you might get a talking to

i’ve seen a lot of users use it and don’t get warnings. but i’ll switch it.

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Time goes fast when you weren’t even born that year

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That sounds like a really nice idea! Create an Events for it, so that people can join your group flight :)