8SmartFlying’s sort of tracking thread [CLOSED@ RJTT]


So I’ve passed my IFATC written exam and I’m awaiting my practical, I know it’s a little late for this but I want to do just a couple of last minute training sessions so I can get some feedback from experienced pilots!

Currently open at VHHH, active runways 07L and 07R.


I will come
Callsign: BADLAND


Coming up, callsign GTSDC


Hi, i was with the callsign N73IO.
When i was on left downwind, i was instructed to maintain slowest practical speed even though i was given number 1 clearance for the option. This caused very little separation between my aircraft and the aircraft on final.
Nice controlling otherwise.
Good luck for your exam!


Hello thanks for the feedback! Yeah I was kinda indecisive about whether to put you or the Dynasty as number 1, and as a mistake set you as slow speed instead of best forward speed.


Nice job man! I’m in the same stage as you are but thought I’d do a few circuits xD

I was the TBM GDC callsign and the only thing I’d say, when I got my runway change to give me a left/right traffic but other than that nice one.


Oops! That’s something I’ll remember to do next time. Thanks for attending.


Hey there,
You did okay butt there is still a lot to improve,
A few things I saw were

  • you told me to go around when I was in right downwind to 07R
  • why did you say unable runway change…thats the whole point of the test.To check your ability to work with the pilots request.
  • when I was given exit instructions you also added “frequency change approved”
    That I no need for that,it is given that you should contact ground in the exit instructions
  • your sequencing were a little a wrong too but you can master this easily. You cleared me no. 3 when there were only 1 person in front of me.
  • your pattern instructions were good tho
  • ground instructions were fast and correct
    Remmember if you make a mistake or accidentally press the wrong button…it happens.just say standby or disregard last message
    Thanks for your service I enjoyed doing patterns!


I have attempted the practical so trust me I know what they are looking for


Yes the frequency changed approved was meant for someone else but I didn’t realise this until you already changed my bad.
I accommodated the first few runway changes but I just felt there was too much traffic on the other runway so I said unable, I will try to improved this though sorry…


Oh and how did it go? Sorry for asking if yknow…
Thanks for the feedback though good to know that I’m learning from the experienced


No I don’t mind answering if it helps you…i for got to sequence cuz I was nervous so I am opening my tracking thread to practice and I have contacted a trainer to help


Ah that sound similar to what I just went through, sequencing easy to mess up when you see 3 simultaneous blinking buttons!


I am now closed, thanks to everyone who helped me In this session!


I am now open at RJTT! Come and fly a few patterns to test my ATC skills.

Active runways 34L and 34R


Closed due to lack of pilots.