8OCT22 / 0900z | Madness in the Alps!

Welcome to Madness in the Alps! This event will take place in the Alps mountain range in Europe. The scenery here is absolutely some of the best in Infinite Flight by far. This means that I had to do an event here. This event will take place all day so you can fly in and out as you please over a 24 hour period.

Server- Expert
EDDM, and many others!
Time- 2022-09-14T04:00:00Z2022-10-08T08:00:00Z

Here is a selection of routes that you can fly during the event! But you can fly other routes as well!

Route Suggestions

LSZH-LOWW- Austrian A321

LSGG-LSZH- Swiss A220

LSZH-LIPZ- Swiss A220


LOWW-LIPZ- Austrian A321

I hope you like my event, see you there!

Let’s get some people

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